Monday, November 30, 2009

Sneak Peak

I've been working! I wanted to wait until the whole room was done...but that might take a little here is a little sneak of Kali's new bedroom in the making!
After...not quite done
More to come....stay tuned!

4th Annual Turkey Bowl

On Thanksgiving morning for the last four years the boys get up rain or shine and go toss around the ole pig skin. Fathers against sons. The dads had the lead 2-1 going into this meeting. It was a cool but not raining morning. The field was a mess...but they were dressed and ready to go. After a few minutes of stretching (the dads) and a little trash talking (both sides) they were set and ready to go. Of course the old guys brought in a few ringers...but it didn't matter...the sons won! It was a great game and close to the end...they were filthy, but had a GREAT time!!
Here are a few action shots!
Getting it done!
Steve going for the sack on Truman!
It was a great turn out!
Jake and his very interesting 3 point stanch!
Taiji going for the the sack!!
It gets pretty serious!
Then a minute to breath!
Now Jake trying to get the sack!
I think this was a few minutes of trash talking!
When it was all said and done they all still loved each other and the boys now have a whole year of bragging rights!!

My cute but motley crew!!

Kali's Preschool Thanksgiving Program

On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Kali had a Thanksgiving program. It was short and sweet and a little nutty to be quite honest. The kids were hilarious! They sang great and attempted a memory verse and tried to spell out something in the end. Lots of laughs...but more importantly it was 3, 4 and 5 years olds praising the Lord! It was beautiful!!

Oh Kali...sandwiched between some future boyfriends! Charlie and Landon! Too cute!

6th Grade Musical- "Best Christmas Present Ever"

Since the first day of School the 6th grade class has been working on the musical "The Best Christmas Present Ever". Both of the boys had active parts. Jake had a speaking part and Taiji was on the stage crew. They both worked soooo hard, learning lines, learning songs and motions. It was AWESOME!! I was so proud!! Mrs. Lennsen is a great teacher that really knows how to get the most out of her was the best I've ever seen! Another special part of this musical was that Jake won a contest and they choose his art work to be on all the flyer's and programs!! Didn't know he had it in him.
Jake- aka 'Adian'
Taiji- aka "Mr. Stage right"
The Kids
I know that the kids were pretty glad to have the program over...but they had a great time and I still hear them singing the songs around the much so that Kali is starting to sing them word for word! Too cute!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

A Hair-iment

What's a Hair-iment? An experiment with hair!! I love doing hair...I call myself a closet cosmetologist!! Kali loves her hair Taylor I thought I would try some corn rows and then let her sleep in them. Curl the bottom and then take the braids out. Well here is the results. It was fun, she was a great sport. I love having a little girl!! Before-front
after- front
before- back (not real strong on the straight part)
After- back
Then just a couple of goofy shots my me little monkey!!
Pretty stinkin' cute!!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Oh Kali Belle!!

Here is my little Kali belle and the many faces that she has. What a little blessing this little one is to us. Don't get me wrong...she has her moments, but they are far out weighed by the joy she brings!! The other day she and I sat down and were watching some video from when she was 6-12months. You forget just how very precious every stage of their lives are! I must have been going a little over board on how cute she was...because she later asked me, "Mom? Was I cutier when I was a little baby?" Stifling a giggle I answered, "Oh no honey, You were very cute as a baby...but now you are beautiful." That seem to do it, because when I looked in the rear view mirror she was grinning from ear to ear! Oh I love this little girl!! Field trip #1 to the pumpkin patch
Playing with Truman
Tuckered out!
Field trip #2 to another pumpkin patch!
A beautiful Barbie Bride for Halloween! A little super model in the making!!

A birthday at home

For the last 3 years I've had the blessing of being on vacation for my birthday, Montreal, Arizona and Puerto Rico. This year I had the blessing of spending my birthday at home with my favorite family!! Kali and Taiji made me a beautiful crown. Guela brought over cinnamon rolls and Shane made sure I was treated like a princess. We spent the day hanging out, I got a ton of reading in and for dinner we headed to a family favorite, the Cliffhouse for dinner! I don't deserve these people...but I'm glad God thinks I do!! What a great birthday!! Birthday Breakfast
Me and my girl! I'm sporting my new birthday duds!
Diving in to dessert with the kiddos!!
What a good looking crew!!

Annual Pumpkin Carving

This was the best pumpkin carving ever!! The boys are now actually old enough that they were able to do their own pumpkins from start to finish!! It was awesome! In years past they all start strong and then peter mom is left scraping, tracing, and craving!! The rocked it! Kali even got into it! Shane set up the garage and even heated it with some propane heaters! The gang getting into the muck!!
Piggy...digging out the seeds!
Yum Yum!!
Kali trying hard! Working on her kitty pumpkin!
The finished product!!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

2009 Football Season

Well the 2009 Football season for the VanDalen-Poag's is in the books. No injuries and both teams ended up with a 500 record. Truman played his first sport in his High School career and did amazing. It's really hard to come from Jr. High being the king of the castle and have to then learn a new role of backup everything...but he took it in stride and learned a lot! I was sooo proud of him. In one of the last games he had an interception and a on side kick recovery!! It was sooo cool! Trum in action!
Of course no post would be complete with out the family cheer leader!
Defensive back...looking for another pick off!
Jake and Taiji played another year on the New York Life sponsored team. It was great! We had fabulous weather and the boys really took off! Next year on to Jr high Football!
The last game of the season we were going to play in a mud bowl! I had to get a before picture! Unfortunately my battery died right when I was going to take the after shot...but I think that you will be able to get the idea!!
Taiji in the huddle....need I say more!!
Check out that field!! WOW!! The boys had fun!
Here is the best I could do for an after of Jake!
These boys just pour their hearts and souls into this stuff! They endure hard practices that start in the first week of August! They had super hot practices and super cold ones! But I think through it all they have learned the value of hard work and about being apart of a team!!
So long football....hello Basketball!!