Tuesday, August 29, 2006

First Day of School

Boy oh Boy!! Time for school!! Look at these handsome boys!! Truman is starting the 6th grade and is very excited to get back to his friends. Jake and Taiji are now in 3rd grade and are brothers in arm!! They are so cute. The teachers always start them out together, but for some reason that usually doesn't last long!! They are standing in Abbey's garden. This has become a first day of school tradition. Hard to believe she would be starting Kindergarten this year!!
Here Kali is at Convocation. She was highly moved and totally motivated!!
As you can see, Kali has no idea what she is in for. For the last 3months she has had 3brothers at her disposal for walks, elmo watching, playing and pure entertainment. I'm not sure if mommy has what it takes to replace those boys!! They are great brothers and will be missed!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Many Faces of KALI FAITH

I realize that every parent thinks that his or her child is the cutest, smartest, most fantastic child ever born...and I am no exception. I thank the Lord everyday for giving me a second chance at being a mom to a little girl. What a blessing Kali has been to our family, and I would like to take this opportunity to show her off a little.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Summer Highlights- Part Three

Kali and best Friend BaaBaa at Paul's Reception
All the kids, proud of the sand playpen we created for Kali
Taiji driving around at Legoland
Jake flashin' his pearly whites at the beach
Truman loves his little sis!!

Now I know you read the title and said, "part three?" Well, I say "#$%@*&!!!" And those aren't real swear words, just sorta!! I tell ya, I have tried to give you my summer highlights three times and each time right as I was about to post, it froze!! agggh!! Anyway I will try again, this time, the third time may be a charm!!

Summer 2006- What a blast!! As I was packing up the back packs with all the school supplies I realized it was over....in a blink the summer of '06 was gone. We packed it in this year. It started with swimming lessons for Jake and Taiji. They did great. Once that was finished we headed right over to Ellensburg for the 11year old state baseball tourney. We did great finishing 2nd place. This earned us a spot at the regional tourney in Oregon the first week of Aug. Right after Ellensburg it was right to the airport for the next adventure...California here we come. It was an adventure packed trip, Seaworld, Legoland, Wedding, Angels game, the beach, and tons of fun with friends and family. We came home and a day later sister sara and family arrived. The next several weeks were spent allowing the cousins get to know each other, scrap booking, a little wine and lots of laughs!! (love ya ra!!) In the midst of the cousin invasion, Jake was off to TN with his Dad and Family and Shane and the Boys went to Oregon, where the boys again did great finishing 3rd. Truman was impressive, not only in his on the field play, but his positive attitude and team mentality, we are proud. The summer continued on with of course the highlight...derby day and the NW Washington Fair. The boys had fun, spending money, winning goofy toys and eating lots of junk!! What fun...and now it's done!! School starts next week. So I apologize for the longest entry you will ever get from me...but that was it in a nut shell!! The pictures are just a few highlights of the summer!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

DERBY 2006

DERBY 2006
The derby pictures you all have been waiting for...Shane is #35 and Ben is #68. As you can see Kali is a little derby car driver in the making...what a little ham. As most of you know she comes by this very naturally!! I'm still trying to figure this bloggin' stuff out so bear with me. I will add more pictures as I figure all this out!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


This is very new and a little scary for me. But I will try it out and see how I do. Life here at the VanDalen's has finally slowed down now that sister Sara and her family (4 kids, 1 husband, and the nanny) have headed home. It was a complete hoot and I will miss her terribly. The kids continue to stay very busy as we now prepare for the new school year. Truman in 6th and Jake & Taiji in 3rd. Of course Kali gets to be home schooled!! The Northwest Washington Fair is in full swing and Shane and the derby crew finally got their first win in the demolition derby. Cody Lagerwey pulled out the first victory in the 20 years Shane has been building, driving and helping to build, derby cars!! Lots of fun. I am going to attempt to get some pictures up of our recent vacation to California, and when I get the derby pics I will add!!