Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Kali Faith!!

Kali at 2.... Oh my baby has turned three!! Wow how fast a year can go! I remember taking the upper picture last year...still in a crib, still a baby!! This year Kal is in a bed, potty trained and talking up a storm!! She has wanted her birthday to come ever since cousin Tessa turned 3 in Sept. She was patient, but knew exactly what she wanted...Party hats, pink balloons and cake!! I went one step further and had a big ole party with all her little friends!! (yep I did it again!!) We had 15 little people and 11 adults over for some playtime and lunch!! Thankfully the sun decided to join us and the whole crew could head outside!! We had a great time and I think all those little people had a good nap today!
Kali is our little entertainer and we are so glad that God blessed us with her 3 years ago!

Kali's 3rd Birthday Party!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dinner Theatre

At almost three Kali has taken to singing her own made up songs! This one had us all in stitches! What a treat to be the guests at Kali's Dinner Theatre!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Taiji!!

So continues the month long birthday bash!! Today, tax day, 1998 Taiji Lee VanDalen made his way into the world! From the stories I've heard Shane had to make several work stops on the way to the hospital...typical!! Taiji is a very sweet, kind hearted, sensitive boy! He has a ton of friends all of which would claim that Taiji is THEIR best friend! He came in to my world when he was just 4 1/2. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be his mom!! I love you Taiji...Happy Birthday! Birthday Boy!! The big double digits- 10!
As explained in an earlier post...the boys usually get the same thing for their birthdays so we stretched out the opening of gifts!! They were pretty excited for a new game to put in their new DS!!
Kali and I made a run to Micky D's for a little lunch surprise for the boys. Truman's b-day is in the summer so I brought him some too!
And of course a little sweet treat for the class!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Supporting my Sis!!

Saturday was the nicest day we've had this year, and how fitting that on this nice day we were able to join together in the fight against MS. Here is Katie's story:

March 2008 marks my 10-year milestone of being diagnosed with MS. I'll never forget the morning that changed my life...I woke up to my 8 month daughter calling "mama, mama" but as I opened my eyes, it felt like the room was moving and I had to use the walls to help me get down the stairs. Once I got downstairs, I looked in a mirror, then I got very eyes were not looking back at me. I walked into my daughter's room as she was still calling out for me. Tears began rolling down my cheeks as I realized I couldn't pick her up, I was so dizzy and starting to tremble.It is hard for me to go back to the beginning of my journey with MS. I was so scared by the "unknowns" and honestly, was feeling angry that this was happening to me. In fact for the first 7 years of my diagnosis, I lived in denial. I had the one episode initially and no further problems yet in my mind, the MS was lingering over me and silently progressing. As many of you know, I've had more relapses, the worst one occurring one year ago. Since March '07, I have had two smaller relapses that went into remission within 1-2 weeks. Through the years, I've been very stubborn about not starting a medication. I came up with every reason you could think of to convince people that I didn't need treatment..."We're not done having kids"..."I feel just fine, why start a med and feel worse?"..."It's so's so's to painful...". The biggest thing is it felt like the shots seemed so invasive and it was a reminder that I had MS. I'm happy to report I finally conceded... With much badgering and persistence of my best friend Shannon (love her to pieces!), I am now on weekly injections, which Rolf has been diligent in helping me with.
Each year we join Katie at the MS Walk and each year it is so exciting to see so many people join together to fight for a cure!!

Now on the funny side...each year I use the walk as a workout...I like to kill two birds with one stone...anyways each year as I am in full aggressive walk mode and am passing people like crazy I love to watch their expressions...I know what they are thinking, "This girl must think that this is a race...doesn't she know this isn't a race...why is she walking so fast...someone should tell her there is no prize!!" Oh well...I'm a dork...but what else is new??

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Glutton for Punishment!

As I sit here posting this entry my house is quiet...that has not been the case for the last 28 hours. I had this grand idea that for Jake and Taiji's 10th birthdays we would throw them a friend birthday party...this has never happened in this house so we had some excited boys! They love bowling so great let's bowl...the boys thought it would be cool if they could then have a sleep over...sure why not I think...Well I'm here to tell ya I'm very happy that I only have 3 boys vs. 15!! Wow what a lot of work! We did survive however and with no serious injuries or hurt feelings. On the docket was, bowling, basketball, baseball, guitar hero, ghosts in the graveyard, wrestling, presents and oh yeah....tons of food!! I'm pretty sure everyone had a great time, but all I can say is....Thank God it's over!! Love ya Jake and Taiji and Happy Birthday!!

Friday, April 04, 2008


On this day 10 years ago I had the honor and privilage of becoming a mom for the first time! It was a life changing experience, one that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. Jake has been such a joy and blessing to me and our family!! I'm sooo proud to be able to call myself his mom!!
Happy Birthday Jake!!
Jake at 3, foreshadowing his 10th birthday!!
What a pair!
One of the things that I love the most about Jake is his sense of humor and the confidence in which he carries himself!! If he thinks it's funny, he doesn't care what anyone else thinks!!
This is what a 10 year old looks like....pretty handsome if you ask me!! (I'm not biased or anything)
Jake and his twin, Taiji! I have to explain...Jake and Taiji are 11 days apart which makes things a little tricky since I often get them the same thing for their birthdays. This year they are each having 3 birthdays. Jake's, and combined party and then Taiji's. They got three presents this year so we open one on each of the days!! I hope it works!! They were pretty excited about the new Nintendo DS!!