Monday, December 21, 2009

Flower girl Part Duex

This weekend Kali and Shane were in Ben and Missy Lagerwey's wedding. Kali as the flower girl and Shane as the assistant reverend. Of course there are way more pictures of the beautiful flower girl...but the reverend did a great job!! Prepping!
Side view
Couple of shots from the church.
A little super model in the making.
Love this girl!
Daddy's little girl!
Self portrait time!
Couple of outdoor shots.
Ben and Missy
The wedding party...and Kali striking a pose!
I love this shot!! Ben was giving Missy her ring and I just LOVE the look on Kali's face!!

The wedding was great! Shane really did a wonderful job and Kali was awesome. In between the waves and blown kisses she handled her job very well! She is now a professional Flower Girl!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A NewYork Life Christmas Gathering

It's an annual affair....our Christmas Gathering that is! And as usual I'm a glutton for punishment and for the 5th year did all the food. This year we decided on an Asian theme. It was fun but a ton of work! We pulled some ideas from all sorts of cultures. Thai Spring rolls, Chinese egg rolls, Japanese Gyoza, Thai Cabbage peanut salad, Japanese Yakisoba, Soy Ginger Salmon....and Dutch Bakery Treats for keep a little Dutch in there. Thanks to my mom the prep was only 4 hours....thanks to my kids the house looked fantastic....thanks to my hubby we were able to get it all on the table....thanks to the wonderful employees for eating it! Shane had a full office this year so we had a full house...13 in all! After munching down we moved on to white elephant gifts....Shane wanted to change it up and have it where the gifts didn't freeze....after much debate we went back to the old rules!! The gifts were great as usual...I think Eddy won by getting the giant footy PJ's!! The best part was that they fit!! Kim and her giant baby...Eddy!
This was pretty funny....Josh opened a blue snuggy and a few minutes later Kristin opened a leopard print snuggy!!
Duane & Melissa!
Matt and Joy
Natalie, Charlotte, Jeb
The Girls....Kim, Denise and Kristin
After the white Elephant exchange we moved on the the annual Apples to Apples game. It so funny....a great way to get to know people! Shane thought that he was an expert...but Kristin won!
What did I say Kim? If looks could kill!!
Too much fun!!
Shane trying to run the table
Fun was had by all! Thanks you guys for another great year!!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Lighted Christmas Parade

Nothing like a small town. Every year Lynden puts on a Light Christmas parade. It never disappoints...the weather is always a factor however...and tonight we avoided the rain and snow, but the wind and chill was present. Thanks to Brett and Jess (front street dwellers) we had a great time. This year Shane and the derby boys worked hard to get a derby car ready for the parade and they lit it up like a Christmas tree! It was great! Here are a few pictures of the event! Staging the car
Em and Kali
Kate and Hattie
The Car in the parade! Looks great! Nice job Shane!
Me and Tess and Kali enjoying the parade!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Jake gets glasses

About a week ago a letter came home from the school nurse saying that Jake had not passed the school eye test. They recommended that he go and see a eye doctor and get them rechecked. Well you can see the result of that eye exam. Not really sure were this vision is coming from since both of his parents have perfect vision...but for now he likes them and has a great attitude! Maybe it will even help the grades and his shot!! What a handsome young man!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Sneak Peak

I've been working! I wanted to wait until the whole room was done...but that might take a little here is a little sneak of Kali's new bedroom in the making!
After...not quite done
More to come....stay tuned!

4th Annual Turkey Bowl

On Thanksgiving morning for the last four years the boys get up rain or shine and go toss around the ole pig skin. Fathers against sons. The dads had the lead 2-1 going into this meeting. It was a cool but not raining morning. The field was a mess...but they were dressed and ready to go. After a few minutes of stretching (the dads) and a little trash talking (both sides) they were set and ready to go. Of course the old guys brought in a few ringers...but it didn't matter...the sons won! It was a great game and close to the end...they were filthy, but had a GREAT time!!
Here are a few action shots!
Getting it done!
Steve going for the sack on Truman!
It was a great turn out!
Jake and his very interesting 3 point stanch!
Taiji going for the the sack!!
It gets pretty serious!
Then a minute to breath!
Now Jake trying to get the sack!
I think this was a few minutes of trash talking!
When it was all said and done they all still loved each other and the boys now have a whole year of bragging rights!!

My cute but motley crew!!

Kali's Preschool Thanksgiving Program

On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Kali had a Thanksgiving program. It was short and sweet and a little nutty to be quite honest. The kids were hilarious! They sang great and attempted a memory verse and tried to spell out something in the end. Lots of laughs...but more importantly it was 3, 4 and 5 years olds praising the Lord! It was beautiful!!

Oh Kali...sandwiched between some future boyfriends! Charlie and Landon! Too cute!