Thursday, June 24, 2010

Farmer's Day Parade from the eye's of Kali

Cutest Self portrait ever!!! The Farmers Day Parade is truly what makes us 'that' small know the one where everyone knows everyone, and the parade is just like a giant party with a bunch of tractors running through it!!
Kali Loved it!!

She wanted to take my camera and just start snapping...she took about 50 pictures...but it would take to long to down load them here are a few of my favorites. The picture above is Jake in the NW Washington fair float.
Here is a lovely picture of KK and I waiting for the action!
We almost missed them...but here is Brett, Jess and Family in there cool old car float.
After a while Kali got tired of taking pictures when she realized she was missing out on all the candy...she handed the camera back and joined the candy collecting craz!! It was a great time!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Playing a little catch up!!

I realized the other day that I hadn't blogged in 5 weeks. In my head I had been blogging a little catch up is way over due!! We are a busy bunch and I don't know if anyone is even folling this anymore...but if you are, bare with me! I will try a little harder!! We welcome the newest member of the family...little baby boo! When I say member of the family I mean mom, rescued this little cute from certain death. He was in a paper box and in the paper baler about to get crunched when one of the men spotted him and grabbed him. Mom bottle fed him, burped him and he is now thriving! The kids love him and he loves to be loved!!
Too cute!!
Kali was even able to use him for a school project. The shoe box parade. She was given the letter she made Kali's Kitty Kennel!! Boo was a hit!
Kali and boo!

Field Day

Every kid loves field day!! The weather was looking like it was going to be crappy, but ended up very nice! Jake was on the blue team and Taiji on the red...unfortunately for them the white team won this year!!
Waiting to run their race
Jake on the move!
Jake handing off and taiji waiting for his hand off
Taiji on the move!
They had a great day!

Preschool Field Trip

Kali was blessed with two very special, very different preschools this year. She loved them both equally for different reasons. I credit all her teachers for her love for school and for how quickly she is learning and growing!!
At Tiny Treasures Kali took one last field trip into Bellingham to the aquatic center. There the kids learned a lot about different sea creatures and environments.

The class, waiting for their turn
Kali in the bubble checking out how it feels to be a fish!
While at the field trip I got a call that Taiji had fallen off the top of a human pyramid and landed on his face. Grandma stepped in and brought him some children's aspirin. (He wanted to stay at school because he didn't want the extra homework...only Taiji!!) But by the time I got back from the field trip it was apparent that he was not going to be able to stay. He got home and fell asleep. Then woke up and threw up...which of course is a sign of a concussion. I called the dr. office and made an appt. but they said if he should throw up again to take him directly to the ER. Well, as we were loading to go to the dr.'s he puked to the ER we went. It was a miracle...not a soul was in there. Guela was working in Bellingham and came over to be with us. We were in a room in a blink saw a Dr. one blink later and were given the diagnosis a blink after that...slight concussion and a broken nose!
Taiji was a trooper and quickly bounced back!!
Here are a few shots of Taiji at the ER!

Shane's Birthday!

Shane's Birthday was a gorgeous day filled with yard work and baseball. Just being together as a family. It was perfect! Guela stopping by with her gift!
The last VanDalen Dairy jacket in existence.
A daddy-daughter moment! She just loved the card, it was a talking one that said, "Git'er done"
What a bunch!!
Daddy's Girl!!