Monday, January 28, 2008

Bowling Babe!!

This little outing is really dedicated to the 3 boys in the family that had outstanding report cards...all A's and B's...great job boys!! OK now that I gave props to the boys...this was also Kali's first time bowling!! She's been bowling with the boy's several times, but we have never let her bowl. We decided that this time she was ready to give it a go. She was ready!!
Especially with these killer shoes!! I had no idea that they had shoes her size...and I will tell ya I almost stole them...So cute!!
This however is what had every lane near us smiling! Every time she released the ball, she would turn around and give us all and double thumbs up! So sweet! She even managed her very first strike! Everyone had a great time...all in all a great family outing!!
Picture compliments of Shane's phone...although not the highest in quality, it defiantly managed to capture the mood!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Busy as a Bee!!

This week I put little Kali to work. We are hitting the stage that all I hear all day long is, "I help you mom!!" So here are a few pictures of all the chores we did! Making cookies...or in Kali's case eating all the cookie dough, it's a wonder we actually got any in the oven!
Daddy's favorite thing...making popcorn!!
A little laundry...
and of course polishing the stainless...I don't know LP, I think Zach and Kali would make a great pair! What do ya think?
Of course no week of hard work is complete without a little ice cream with the brothers as a reward!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A little update...

After the explosion incident I called my mom to let her know, since she had given me the pan for Christmas. She thought that the company should know about it so she emailed them about my experience. They responded quickly saying that they stand behind their product but are also very concerned about the consumers safety. They asked that I please hold on to the pan because they may want me to send it back to them, but they would like to talk to me in person and left a 1-800 number to call. I made the call and got a different person then the one my mom had been in contact with. She took all the info and then proceeded to ask me what I wanted. I responded that a pan blew up in my oven and I thought that they would want to know. She said 'well we will send you a new one.' I got off the phone and although glad that I would be getting a new pan thought that she didn't seem to concerned about what had happen. I called my mom again (champion on consumer rights!!) and she sent them another email stating that she thought that they had handled this poorly and that if I had opened the oven door 30 seconds earlier they may have had a whole new can of worms on their hands. They once again responded quickly and apologized for our troubles and would be sending out a Pyrex gift pack along with the pan. Kinda cool....Thanks mom for your persistence!! I will post a picture of the gift pack once it arrives!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

An Explosive Meal!

I had great intentions of a twist on our usual 'taco tuesday' night meal. Pretty simple really... baked Chimichanga's, yummy!! Well I prepared the the meat, took great pains to fill and wrap them, then it was 13 mins at 425 degrees and presto dinner, right? Wrong!!! With 30 seconds left on the timer I hear this strange noise...Jake hears it too and we both run to the kitchen, there doesn't appear to be anything out of place. Shane had just compacted the garbage so I think maybe a bottle (wine or otherwise) broke. So I check nothing in there. I think, maybe I was hearing things...Jake says 'No, something broke'! Timer goes off and I think well we'll figure it out later....
Well, later was a second later when I open the oven and see this mess!! What!! I'm not sure what happened, but now realize that dinner is ruined and it was going to be soooo good!!
So be forewarned...Chimichanga's baked in Pyrex may cause an explosion and ruin the night!!
A last picture of our dinner in the garbage...fortunately for the boys I had enough taco meat left to throw together a couple of soft tacos to get them off to their basketball practice...probably what I should have done in the first place...oh well, it made for a great blog entry!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Still kicking!!

I realize it's been a bit since the last post, but I have a good excuse...Kali's little Flu brought us all the way into Tuesday. I think that it was only then that I could really look at her and say that she resembled the daughter I once knew...I would say that we have officially hit the annoying stage, where nothing and nobody can make her happy after having been coddled for the last week...but I think that we are rounding the corner and I actually can see an end in sight!!

As you can see we have a new layout...I love our Seahawks, and I do think if a football game was only 5 mins. long we would have crushed Greenbay!! I will however give credit where credit is due...Brett Favre I hope you win your self a rock!! (This plug just in case he reads my blog!! LOL!!) Now on to Baseball know, we are a sports family!!

Picture of Brett Favre's butt...compliments of me, from last year's game in Seattle. Funny how the snow is still a factor, but the end result was so different!!

Friday, January 11, 2008


On Tuesday I had the privilege of watching Daisy so that Tanya could be at the opening of their new Restaurant Jake's Western Grill. Daisy and Kali had so much fun playing with all her kitchen stuff...but the thing they liked the most was playing Doctor. Daisy sat right by Kali and kept giving her a check up....little did we know that....
...this was right around the corner. She woke up with a cough and proceeded to tell me, 'I have a cold in my mouth mom!' But really seemed fine throughout the day...So when niece Stac came to watch her for a couple of hours I thought that she would be fine.
Well...not so much!! Poor Kali and poor Stac...Kali proceeded to puke 8 times for Stac. I'm sooo sorry Stac!! Kali was a very good patient and she kept telling Stac that she had mud in her mouth and needed to get it out! Too Cute!! Kali is still a little gimpy today but so far no mud!! I thought I would post a picture of Stac and Kali on better days...because I just love Stac and all she does for us and I know Kali loves her too!! Not every babysitter would have been able to handle last night!! So kudos are a great niece, cousin, and babysitter. And will someday make a great mom!!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Good Friends...Good Times...Great Win!!

Go SEAHAWKS!!On Saturday we had the opportunity to go down and watch the Seahawks win their first playoff game in the year 2008! The weather was unpredictable...but we had great seats and were very comfortable! We went down with our good friends Dave and Amy and pretty much just spent the day laughing! Of course there was a little scare at the beginning of the 4th but it was short lived and we were able to laugh again!!
Now on to the next challenge, and it's a big one....beat Green Bay at Green Bay! Stay tuned!!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!! This year we decided that it would be fun to do something as a family to ring in the New Year...and being that we are a 'sports family' (Taiji's quote), we packed up the gang along with some friends and headed down to Seattle to watch the Sonics play. This was a first for Kali and she was excited to be with her boys!! We started the night with a great meal at the Outback!
P B and J for Kali!! Little cheeser!!
Then off to the Sonics...cabs were scarce but we finally made it...with time to spare!
The stands were pretty empty...could have been that it was New Year's eve or more likely because the Sonics are not doing very well this year! Once back at the Hotel...and again the cabs were scarce the boys and Shane went to see the fireworks at the Space pictures, sorry!
The next morning was all about the swimming! The kids had a great time and Kali did great! My little fishy!
On a whim Shane decided that we should go check out the Space Needle up close and personal. The Boys (Truman & Taiji) were not to sure about this, both very afraid of heights! But after a little cajoling we finally convinced them that it was safe and that they would have a good time.!
Me and the gang with the Seattle Skyline at our backs!
After a trip to the gift shop it was time to head home.

I know that each year we all have our New Year's resolutions...I am no different! My prayer is to become the Mom and wife that I know God wants me to be, keeping him at the center of all I do! May you all feel God's blessings in this the year 2008!!