Saturday, December 30, 2006

Life has started to slow down...for now!

Havin' fun with Her new Elmo bath toy!!
Aunt Sandra playing for a very willing audience...she claps at everything!
I know it's an older picture...but we do love our baseball and well...they are so darn handsome!

I realize that over these last couple of weeks that maybe I have set myself up for a least in the world of blogging...Yes I know you have come to expect a new blog entry everyday and over the last couple of weeks sometimes two in a day...well now life has started to come back to normal and there isn't a party every other day but I will try to maintain my this one is just purely misc. I had a great day working on our Christmas/Birthday Present for my Mother in-law aka. Guela...We are, as a whole family, giving her an extreme make over on her house. It is a work in progress and will post pictures as soon as I have some to post. I also went a little crazy on my hair today and now have not one stitch of blonde in it...a first in a very long time and again will post when I can actually get someone to take a picture of me...for now you will just have to settle for some pics of the kids...and do i love these kids! Thats all for now!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Boys and their Toys!

Taiji with a little help...
Jake with a little help...
Truman with a little help...Mom with a little help from a glass of wine...
The finished project...I think the smiles say it all!!

New Generation of Faber Cousins

The Fabers got together the other night...although it was a small group we had fun. Here is Truman with Kali and Cousin John with Lauryn. Lauryn was adopted from China this last summer. She and Kali are about 41/2 months apart.
Here is Kali with Cousin Erik...Cheesing it up!!
Emily and Kali have turned into great buddies. Cousin Lauryn with Kali's hat on...I think her Aunty Ruth will have to make one for her!!

Monday, December 25, 2006

The VanDalen Christmas

Jake is always good for a laugh!!
Brock with Grandma Eileen...I think we wore him out!
Merry Christmas Blake and Liss you got a new Weston!!
This was truly amazing...I have tried to color with Kali everyday and she has no time for me...but Bree and her sat down and they colored for at least 30 mins! So Sweet!
Baby Morgan with Suragate Grandma Bec!!
Truman loves him some little kids..they seem to just love him right back!! I think baby magnet was what everyone was calling him!
Guela (the matriarch of the clan) lead us in a wonderful devotional...reminding us of what the real reason for the season. Thanks Guela for being there for us and for being you...we love you!
The teen girls loved their new snuggley blankets...aren't they cute!?!
I really don't know what to say here...except oh my gosh...she is sooo cute!!
Here is the whole gang...every year we send the candle around to share what it is we appreciate and what we are thankful for...I said I was grateful to be able to stay home with my children...but what I didn't say is I am really grateful for this family...I love you all!!

Seahawks Clinch the NFC West!!

Ready to hit the road for the big game!!
Having fun at the exhibition center!
Truman ready to show off his arm!
Jake showing off! He has no fear!
Go Hawks!!
Even though they weren't able to pull this game out...thanks to the 49ners losing we were able to clinch the NFC West...Playoffs here we come!! A special thanks goes to Shane for taking the pictures and not losing my camera...Way to go Honey!!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Presents, Presents and More Presents...

Kali and her first briefcase!
The boys LOVE baseball this year they got whole set of 2006 players and a wooden box with their names engraved!

Just a little bit excited!! Do you think he liked it!?!
Kali quickly got the hang of this...and for a 20month old her patience was amazing!!
The boys have been great...everything they get, they swear it's the best thing ever!!
Boys need t-shirts...we go through a couple a day!!
I had Shane take a picture of me...just so you know that I am really here...please ignore the fact that I haven't taken a shower and look...well whatever!!

Here is our family Christmas....spread over a couple of days of course, but no less a very Merry Christmas. The boys are currently at the Seahawks game and Kali is sleeping so I am left to reflect on what this year's Christmas has meant to me. And the word that instantly comes to my mind is, appreciative...I appreciate my life, my family(extended and immediate), my job (kid raising), my home, my small group, my angel in heaven, my relationship with my son's family, my friends and most importantly my God who has made all of those things possible for me! I hope and Pray that you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! May God Bless you all!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

King Family Open House

The Cousins hanging out...Shane, LD and Chip
Guela and her youngest two Grandkids, Weston and Kali
Aunty Bec trying to maintain her status as favorite Aunt!!
Lots of People, Lots of fun!!
Kali with her cousin Lacey from Alaka

It is a beautiful thing to be a part of such a large family, because anytime one of the out-of-towners comes back into the fold for a visit...there is a need to gather. We had fun last night touching base with the Kings from both Colorado,Virginia, Alaska & Texas. We talked, laughed, and of course ate. What a blessing!

News from Japan

We decided that because Jake was at his dad's house and Kali was sleeping we would let the boys open their package from Japan. They were excited to find a couple of surprises #1- Some great flannel PJ's, #2-$30.00 in crisp american cash and #3-they are going to be big brothers again next month. Ritsuko is expecting a little girl in January. Of course this comes with a little mixed emotions because they don't get to see their mom and won't get to see the new baby, but they do love babies and are excited to have a new sister. Time will tell how this one plays out, but we continue to trust that God will guide every new twist and turn.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Jake's Family

In order: Jake, Truman, Taiji, Mady(in blue), Daisy, Kelsey and Kali in the front.
Jake's sista's in the matching hats!!
This pictures were alot easier to little monkey's to try to manage!!

In a blended family there are all sorts of different dynamics and from an outsider looking in it may seem confusing and a bit complicated. However, we have worked very hard to make it work for Jake!! Today was the perfect example...we did a gift exchange of the was very fun...jake wasn't quite sure about it since he himself didn't get anything...but everyone else thought it was great. Here are a few pictures of our very unique and very blendedly beautiful gift exchange.

Faber Family Christmas

Yeah...more Elmo!!
Here is Grandpa's new toy!! We are excited about it because it actually has seat more dumping the kids out on the sharp corners!!
Sorry Rolf...but I had to do it!! I think she liked it!!
The boys are always excited about Grandma's gift...Gameboy games!!
Jessie had asked for some cookie you think 100 is enough?
Kali with her daddy...doing her favorite past time!!
The Faber Family Christmas was last night!! We sure know how to do it right...there is always great food, and great fun!! Everyone brings their favorite appetizer and of course I always have an experiment or two. The kids did great and everyone loved their gifts. A good time was had by all!!