Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Well, I know that my boys would be upset if I didn't blog about their very first championship! They played in the End of Summer Baseball Tournament this past weekend. It was a group of boys that have never played together before. They bonded quickly and ended up winning the whole thing! Jake played 1st base for the first time and did great and Taiji felt at home at 2nd base! We had a lot of fun! I think that they had a little angel helping them along..but that's just me!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Many Faces of Abbey Mae

Today marks 5 years since Abbey went home to Jesus. She was an amazing little girl with so much personality and love for life. I wanted to give you a little slide show of all the faces that made us love her so much! Abbey's legacy has been kept alive by all of you that loved her and have helped with the service projects in her name. Thank you! She left us to soon...but she is waiting patiently for us to experience and enjoy what she has for 5years!

Abbey Mae we will always love you
and miss you forever!!

As we remember Abbey please keep the Egger Family in your thoughts and prayers. They lost their little girl Peyton Joy. She was 3 years old and like Abbey found her way into the pool! Lift them up in prayer as they find their way through this very difficult time...trying to find their new normal! Thank you!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Boys day...plus mom!

We try to at least once a year head down to Seattle to catch a Mariners game. We aren't fair weather fans...however we do like to see some good teams play so we usually get tickets to the Boston Red Sox or The NY Yankee's! This time is was the Mariners vs. the Red Sox. The game actually proved to be pretty exciting...but the Red Sox ended up winning in 12 innings! Hernandez is one of the boys favorite Mariners...and he pitched a great game!
My boys plus my adopted son from down the street, Scooter!
I don't think Jake has a future in photography...or maybe it's I don't have a future in modeling!
Safeco is a great stadium...sad part is I think there were more Red Sox fans there than Mariners!
I do have a tendency to take after my dad in this department...I love to keep the book!
A little extra action took place during the game...a fan jumped out on to the field and led the over weight security people on a little chase...he almost made it across then was tackled in right field.
The boys were very curious as to what was going to happen to him...so I told them he would be arrested and spend a couple of days in jail with a stiff fine...just wanted to scare them a little in case any of them ever thought that would be funny thing to do!!
All in All it was a great little adventure with the boys!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Razz Fest 3on3 Tournament!

This last weekend was the Razz Festival here in Lynden, and with that always brings the Razz 3on3 basketball tournament. All 3 boys were able to play this year. We started on Friday night with one game and Saturday brought 9 more games. The boys did great and we had a ton of fun. The 10's ended up 3rd and Truman's team 5th. They played with their best friends and kept a very positive attitude throughout! Jake and Taiji were the Big Dawgs and Truman the LC Ballers. I didn't get any pictures of Truman (sorry Trum) but here are a few of Jake and Taiji! Setting up the offense!
Jake Taiji and Jordan getting ready for a little D!
Taiji cutting to the hoop for a back door lay in!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nothing better...

Sometimes there is nothing better than sharing a couch and a good cartoon with your big brother!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Corn on the cob girls!

I always love it when I take a picture of Kali and remember taking the same picture of Abbey. They are pretty close to the same age in these pictures. I wonder what it would be like for Kali to have her older sister here with her, Abbey would have been an awesome big sis! Although they don't look a like, they do have very similar personalities! It has been such a blessing watching Kali grow, and I know Abbey is smiling down on her and admiring the sassy little stuff that Kali has inherited from her....oh yeah and me I guess!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

State 10u - Moses Lake

Jake and Taiji were very fortunate to make the Lynden All-Star team again this year. We joined 12 other families on a road trip to Moses Lake WA. We stayed at a great hotel over looking the Lake and were less then a half a mile from the ball fields. Taiji started at 2nd base this year and Jake was the starting right fielder. They each had a great tournament...racking up several hits and a couple of diving catches respectively. They won each of the games in pool play and the first game in tournament play...unfortunately the bats went silent in the last game and we lost to the eventual champs. Truman was the kid magnet and Kali did great! We were able to get some swimming in at a water park, enjoyed the sunsets and fireworks on the lake, and just had fun getting to know all the parents. Next year the boys move up to the next age group...we are excited that they are part of such a neat group of kids!!