Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter at our house is all about traditions. An early wake up, a yummy breakfast and then the Easter Basket scavenger hunt. As you can see in the picture...Truman is getting a hair too big for this tradition, but he was a trooper and was Kali's right hand man. It was a beautiful day and they were off and running. The problem usually comes when they can't read or understand Shane's clues....with a little prompting they usually find them!
Front yard, back yard, to the front to the back and all around....we like to get them nice and tired before we head to church!
Once all the eggs and clues are found they are lead to the Easter Basket. This year it was guarded by Abbey.
Kali found the goods!
What a crew....kinda cute with Abbey's picture in the background! My Fab five!
After church up at Deming to listen to Uncle was off to Guela's for a fun time with the family! The kids colored a bunch of eggs and Truman and Taylor filled a couple of plastic ones with candy and then they hid them all! They were troopers!
Kali LOVES the hunt! She and Weston were chasing all over the place to see who could get the most eggs!
I think that this smile says it all!!

My gang!
It's such a blessing to be close to family and to have the opportunity to hang out with them. These kids just love each other!

Taiji's Turn...The big 12!!

This is Taiji...the jester...ham ball and all around good kid! They don't get much cutier then Taij! He has those big brown eyes and the lashes that don't quit! Taiji is every one's best friend. He has a heart for doing what is right and Loves Jesus with all his heart! He is a great student and works very hard!! We are soooo very proud of him and are honored to call him our son! Love ya Taiji Lee!! Happy 12th Birthday!! SCARY!!!
Breakfast fun with Jake and Kali!!
A Birthday donut from Grandpa!
Out to dinner with the Family to Bostons!!
Taking in all the goods!!
It was one of those busy busy days that we are shuttling between school, baseball games and practices....but Taiji was a trooper and just went with the flow!! It was a great day and I hope he has a great Year!! Love ya Kid!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Jake Turns 12!!

At 4:44pm on 4/4/98 Stephen Jacob Poag was born and officially gave me the greatest job in the world...I was HIS mom!! The last couple of days were spent celebrating him and everything that he has brought to this family. He is an amazing kid with a true love of life and everyone in his life. He is a pleaser, a jokester, gamer and all around BOY!! He loves his sports, video games and music. He still thinks girls are icky and can be very persistent when he wants something...Some day he may have a longer attention span...but maybe not!! I love this kid and am sooo very proud of him!! Happy Birthday Jake!! Dinner out with the fam!!
Birthday Breakfast with Grandpa and the Hendricks clan!
Birthday donuts with his new hat from Guela!
We thought it would be fun to have a bunch of his friends over for a surprise party. The boys actually pulled it off...he had no clue!! And you can see from the pictures he was pretty excited about it!
Part of the Party included a trip out to Uncle Dean's for an airsoft war out in the 25 acres. And what good is an airsoft war if you don't have a good gun....believe me this has been an adjustment for me in having boys...I never even thought about guns growing up, but these boys love a good airsoft war!! They had sooo much fun!
After airsofting it was back to the house for pizza, pop and cake!
And a little downtime watching TV!! Nobody wanted to go home!
Me and my best dude (a kali saying)
To finish up the weekend birthday bash we went to Guela's for Easter. She made a great cookie cake.

I'm so thankful for this kid, he has been a blessing for 12 years and I look forward to a lifetime of birthdays and blessings with him!

6th Grade Mexican Fiesta

Every year the 6th grade class puts on a Mexican Fiesta during their unit on Mexico. We had missed it with Truman because of a baseball tournament, so I really didn't know what to expect. My job was to bring 6lbs of refried beans. After the kids ate (they polished off all the beans) they put on a little show for the Parents, 5th graders and 1st graders. It was really cute. I love 6th grade....they aren't quite as annoying as they used to be and not yet to cool like the 7th graders. The whole class participated and I think that they were really having fun.
Near the end the 6th graders had to snag a first grader and teach them a dance and then dance with them. The boys both grabbed kids they knew and had a blast!
Jake and his buddy

Taiji and his buddy!

I can't believe we have finished the 3rd quarter. Only one more quarter and one more big project and I will have two in the 7th grade!! Crazy!! Where does the time go!?!

Preschool Spring Program

Oh little Kali is growing up faster then I want!! Last week she and her class put on an adorable Preschool Program. It involved a lot of singing...motions...and waving and giggling!! They did such a great job!
She was lined up by all her little friends!
and a quick shot with Teacher Melinda. Preschool has been a great experience for Kali and I know that she is excited and ready for Kindergarten next year....I just hope I am!!