Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Huskies fun x2!!

This has been a tough football year for the state of Washington!! Those Seahawk's, Cougars and especially the Huskies have had a very hard time winning even a game!! However, we still love them and our boys love football. So when tickets fell into Shane's lap he couldn't pass them up. He packed up the boys and some of their friends and took them down to a Huskies Game. The following week I joined them along with several of our friends in an RV that we had purchased at a Auction. It was a ton of fun, very relaxing and the Huskies actually pulled out a win....just kidding, but that would have been cool!! HeeHee!!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween Fun!

Well we made it home for Halloween! I had made sure the costumes were sorta ready before we left...and Stacey helped with Truman's! Kali as our whole family knows fit her costume to a tee...she was and is a little princess! Jake wanted to be a Zombie this year and so we made him into a Football Zombie that played on the Tombstones for the city of Zombieville! Taiji wanted to be a mummy. This proved to be more challenging then we first expected. I got a sheet tore it up. We wrapped him up in it, not really thinking of the bathroom issues we may face later...also not thinking of how movement would change the look. Well as you can see in the progression of pictures he looked different at each stop. Now Truman on the other hand, he's starting to get to cool for us. He went to the football game with his friends and then graced us with his presence for about 3 minutes while getting in to costume. All in all it was a great night and the kids made out with more candy then they need and we...well we survived!!