Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Day America!!

After finishing up the Stars and Stripes tourney with a victory (see post below) we decided to celebrate by getting a few fireworks and creating our own show in the backyard. The kids were excited!! Here is Jake below showing off some of the loot! And Miss Kali showing off her sparklers...which she called sprinklers!!
Of course no fireworks show is complete without a little concert....Shane chose AC/DC. Not my first choice...but it went well with the banging!!
Kali showing of her Sprinkler!!
The set up! I of course enjoyed the show from the warmth and safety of the Deck and fire pit!
Jake and Taiji doing some lighting!
Dad and Kali checking out the show!
This was Kali's spot for most of the show!
Jake doing his victory pose!
It was a great night!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

4th of July Tournament Champs

The boys have been playing a lot of fact over the last two weekends they have won two tournaments. Pretty Awesome!! We are now getting geared up to leave for the state baseball tournament this week....hopefully we can win that one too!! I'll keep ya posted!! This was the boys right after the win!
Me and my 12's!! (I do want to interject a side note for all those not living here in Washington...note what I am wearing...3 or 4 layers, this picture was taken on the 4th of July)
Taiji walking up to get his trophy
Jakes turn!!
The 2010 Stars and Stripes tourney Champs!!

An Ice Cream Surprise

Kali and Shane made some ice cream the other night. The Hypothesis was that when Truman came home he would want some ice cream and we would send him out to the garage to get the ice cream and then he would scream...because his new ride would be sitting there...well, the ice cream was made and he did indeed go out to get it, what we couldn't count on was the fact that he would not pay attention to what was sitting in the garage and walk right back into the house with out even seeing it....DORK!! The Ice Cream Makers.....
Trum heading back in the house...we redirected him and sorta got the surprise look!
Trum in the new VanDalen ride...not Truman's car...but the car Truman will be driving!
What I love about's safe and reliable!
Watch out Lynden...and if you see this rig driving too fast or irresponsibly PLEASE call us and let us know...we would equally appreciate phone calls telling us what a GREAT driver he is!

A Seattle Get Away

Every June 30th New York Life Seattle GO invites us down to Seattle to celebrate the end of their council year. This year we found a great hotel in the U district called Hotel Decca. They were awesome enough to lose our reservation so we landed the suite on the 16th floor. Check out our view...AMAZING!
You gotta love Seattle!!
Space was a beautiful night!
Of course with no one around we had to take a self portrait....if I was taller you would have seen Mt Rainer in the background...not the roof tops! Oh well, it was a fun night!!

Monday, July 05, 2010

KOA Lynden!! ;)

I'm not feeling very wordy the pictures may have to do the talking. A couple of weekends ago Kate and Rolf talked us in to joining them at the Lynden KOA for a weekend camping trip. We aren't much of campers...but with Rolf and Kate's help we managed to have a wonderful time. Jake and Truman were both going to be heading out for a week so they came for the afternoon and were able to fish and hang out...they are both counting the days until they can join us there.
Thanks to Dean and Linda we were able to live in comfort in their cozy RV. Us on the right and Rolf and Kate's Trailer on the left. It was a great spot!
My fisher boys!
and my cute with Fisher girl, with cousin Luuk!
The Girls! What a bunch-o-cuties!
It really doesn't get much cutier then that!!
There was lots of coming and going on all these bikes!!
The Lynden KOA is quite the place. They have the pond for fishing, putt putt golf, swimming pool and play ground.
Saturday the Hendricks family joined us for a little BBQ. Great food + great company=Great Time.
After two days of begging...the parents caved and bought a boat!
They had a ton of fun tooling around in it.
The Final day and the last boat ride!! What an adventure!
I will have to admit...I would love to do it again....the sooner the better!
Thanks Rolf and Kate to pushing us to step out of our box...we had a blast!

Friday, July 02, 2010

Truman Turns 16!! YIKES!!

I really can't believe it!! You kinda talk about it when they turn 13 how 16 is only 3 years away...then 14...15...but for some reason you still aren't prepared for 16!! It's the beginning of independence...learning to let go and trust them to remember everything you taught them and actually use it. We are proud of Truman. He is a good kid with a good heart. He did well in his Freshman year and is now a busy with summer ball (FB, BB and Basketball). He has a summer job and is proving himself to be more responsible then we thought, which is a blessing! Last week is passed both his written and driving tests and now has his licence. So watch out for him on the road....and feel free to call with a driving report!! LOL!! Here is the gang celebrating Trum!

He's pretty easy to shop for...either champs certificates, Itunes or anything xbox related and you are usually good to go!!

Showing off the new game!

Kali loves her Truman and they have a fantastic relationship!! Here he shows off the cool rainbow drawing she made for him!! Too cute!