Monday, August 31, 2009

A Day at the NW Washington Fair

The Northwest Washington Fair comes to town once a year for a week! It takes over our whole town and you can almost smell the corn dogs and curly fries from our house!! It was a beautiful week and the Fair was in Tip Top Shape. The kids love to go and I well I go. We went Monday for the derby, the boys went Tuesday for a day of rides, Kali, Jake, Taiji and I went Wednesday for a day of exploring and more rides...then the adults (Shane and I) went on Thursday night for the Foreigner concert. We had a fantastic time...ate way to much, the boys spent way to much....but we have some great memories!! Kali and I going on the rides
I see you mom!!
Checking on Joani at the Draft Horse barn
Checking out the baby animals
Kids in a cage! Actually the boys were very kind and went on a couple of rides and things with Kali!! They are great big brothers!
Taiji and Kali
Jake and is invisible girlfriend...too funny!
camera issues continue!
A crown for our princess!!

Kali and the gang!

Truman even graced us with is pressence for the evening...I thought it was cuz we were just sooo cool and he wanted ot hang with us...I think the reality of the situation was that he had run out of money! Oh well we will take what we can get!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Derby 2009

We are a derby family! For the last 23years Shane has built or has helped build his car. I've been apart of the derby for 6 years and have grown to love it! It truly has become just a part of who we are. This year Shane sponsored 6 cars and 2 trucks! Of the top 5 spots we took home 4 of them 1st- Ben #68, 3rd- Nick #85, 4th Monty #18 and Shane 5th with #35! It was Truman's first year on the pit crew and he thinks that next year when he gets his licence he would like to drive....we will see!! Here's our crew with the winning driver!! Ben and his beat up car!!
Me and my little derby girl!
I love this picture!! It's Shane in a sea of metal!!
Shane's Car before the destruction!!

Jake and Taiji by Ben's car!

It was a great year for the Derby Crew! Now we only have 11months and 3 weeks until we get to do it all over again!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Flower girls, bee stings and dancing queens!!

When I imagined something going wrong for niece Kenz and James was more along the lines of the flower girl (Kali) pulling a 'I'm going to be shy moment' and not doing what she was told....Well that was not the case...she was perfect...did a great job, even after the bee stung her in the middle of the ceremony. She whimpered on her way to me...cried a few tears...yelled at the bee, "That was a very BAD BEE!!"....but then pulled herself together and went back up to the front to fulfill her duties....I was so proud!!!
This here is my little cutie....before the bee found his way to her finger!
A picture taken by Kali of her wedding bouquet.
My oh my!!
My Kiddos...Truman 15, Kali 4, Taiji 11, Jake 11
The beautiful Bride Kenz with her adoring flower girls and younger cousins, Bree and Kali!
Me and my baby!

This was so sweet....two little four year old girls admiring the bride and groom on their first dance. Chances are they were dreaming of their own prince charming!!
Oh my oh my...lil miss Kali was a dancing queen. The only reason she would come off the dance floor was so that she could pull someone else out there to dance with her. A big thanks to Auntie Karen and cousin Tasha...they danced more then their fair share with her!! She didn't want the night to end and looks forward to the next wedding that she can go to....always a flower girl!!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

It's getting hot in here!!

It's been a little hot here in Washington...way over our usual comfortable 75-80....we were actually pushing 100 for about a week! We survived and things are getting back to normal, but it was the pool on the deck that was our saving grace!!
Just a cute shot of a bunch of cute cousins.
Josie on Erik, Kali on Luuk, and Tessa on Taiji!

Kenzie's Shower

It was a beautiful Saturday morning and I got to spend it surrounded by some of my favorite people. We gathered to celebrate Kenzie and her upcoming nuptials. The house and yard beautiful...the food fantastic...and the company unbeatable!! We are excited to share their day this coming Saturday. Kali gets to be a flower girl with Bree and now we are praying that the weather holds up!! Guela's wonderful parfait fruit cups! Yum-o!!
The bride to be!!
The gang
Again with the camera (I swear it just does it to the very cutest of pictures...cuz this on is a real keeper!!)
Mom Bec and her girls.
Hattie, Kenzie, Bec and Stac