Thursday, September 28, 2006

Flag Football Pals!!

This is Kali's version of Football
They work so hard, need to hydrate!!
Jake, Buddy Tanner, Taiji

Here you have it...Flag Football!! I tell ya, what a hoot!! I've watched the boys play every sport, basketball, baseball, and soccer...and this by far has been my very favorite. They have so much fun out there. These kids have worked so hard to learn the plays and the game. They get out there and do it!! I am so proud!! Taiji is so fast that he can't be caught and scores almost everytime he has the ball, and Jake is so versatile that he has run for a touchdown, caught for a touchdown and passed for a touchdown each of his last two games. I'll keep ya informed if any scouts or agents contact us!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I've been tagged!!

Thanks to Laurie, my college buddy, all you lucky 5 people that actually read this blog will now be privy to the odd things that make me me!! She was tagged to write 5 things on her blog that are weird about her, I was suprised she was able to narrow it down!! (Love ya LP!!) She tagged me and so here it goes.
  1. I LOVE labor. Yes you read it right ladies...I love being in labor and giving birth!!
  2. I am double jointed in my ankles, knees, elbows and fingers. Making me one gangly awkward looking person.
  3. I am obsessive about many things, but one thing inparticular...March Madness!! I love the brackets!! I fill them out with love and watch every game I can and always start strong, but the underdog I choose always screw me in the end!!
  4. This may or may not be weird to some but I can not stand SHOPPING!! My husband has to physically push me out the door to spend money!!
  5. My first 15 years were spent on a Indian reservation. Although I never saw this as very weird, I don't know to many other people (other than my sisters) that have this in their resume. It was the very best way to spend my first 15 years.
So there you have it!! I am normal in a very weird way. Thanks LP!! I always love to look at my life in other ways!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Faber Babies

This is the whole gang!! What a great summer hanging with all the cousins. They range in age from 12yrs to 2 weeks. Girls out numbering the Boys by two. 8 to 6!! I look forward to watching these beautiful children grow not only in inches but together. WOW!! God is Good!! Not Pictured: Josie(2week old) and Abbey (our Angel)! Pictured but not family: Kathrine (Still love her)

The smile that melts my heart!

This little monkey has a way of just melting my heart. I'm starting to get a little worried, I've had other children and and I think that maybe this is the beginning of the end. She is going to run me ragged!! Already the cutest word that comes out of her mouth is, NO!! Yes I said it...NO!! She puckers her little lips and is just slides out!! HELP!!! I try not to smile, but it is so darn cute. She also says Ichiro....kinda!! Hopefully my strict mother mode will kick in when it needs to!!! UGGH!!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mom of BOYS!!

Growing up in a family of 3 sisters never prepared me to be a mother of 3 boys. I will honestly tell you that in all my days, childhood, teenage years, college and beyond did I ever...ever....ever...see my self drafting a fantasy football team. Yes I did!! I drafted my very first fantasy football team. I know what Shane is doing, he is playing to my competive side knowing that if I have a stake in something I will want to watch and keep up with it. He knew now I will want to watch all the Football games. Sly little devil!!! So Mom's Madness (my team name) is knee deep in the NFL!!! I'll be honest, the boys love it and I love watching them. So Football season is here and those boys better watch out!!! Mom's Madness rules!!!!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fair Days

I know that the fair was almost a month ago, but I still haven't stepped into the digital world and I had to wait to finish the role then get it over to Costco and then get the CD etc, etc!! So are some pics of the kids at the fair!! The boys were so proud of their Dad's car, not to mention the fact that their names were on it. Kali's favorite part was all the animals!! She wanted to touch them all and of course just to bug her mom...every animal says neigh, even though she knows the right sounds!!