Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mothers Day Madness!!

Mothers Day was a gorgeous day...the sun was shining and baseball was in full swing. Unfortunately Kali made her way onto the field just as one of Taiji's line drives was making IT's way down the field. The contact point was the cheek. Which truly was a blessing...had it hit her mouth I'm afraid she would have lost teeth, had it hit her jaw it might have dislocated it and her eye...don't want to even think about that!! We thanked God that it wasn't worse. Of course that doesn't take away from the pain in the cheek!! Here are a couple of shots of Kali's Ouchy!! Day one
Day Two
Day Three
Side view of Day Three
Day Four
You can see as the days progress the smile slowly comes back to her face.
She was a little embarrassed by the poofy eye...but was proud of how brave she was, So was I !!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Great American Egg Drop!

The great American egg drop is a fun little preschool project. You are instructed to create an encasement for a raw egg that is no larger then 7x7x7. You are to fill it up with whatever you think will protect the egg from breaking if dropped from 10 to 15 feet. Then decorate the box to suit your fancy. Kali and I had a great time working on this project. We filled our box with this foam stuff. It was my idea and I really believed to was the perfect thing. Kali decorated her box with tons of princess, pink and purple stickers. It was a beautiful box and was gonna win!! (there are no winners....I just tend to go a little overboard with my competitive nature)
The day was perfect. Sunny, plus we had taiji with us to witness our greatness!! We went to the Velthuziens little mini farm. The kids really enjoyed checking out all the animals.

So cute and curious!!
Tessa and Kali are never far from each other....in fact this is more common then not!
Then it was time for us to test our boxes. Teacher Melinda threw over an egg to show the kids what happens when you don't protect it....of course the first time, It didn't break! ;) This had me confident that our creation would hold up to the test set before us!!
Then it was our turn...here is the box going over the edge floating gently through the air. It landed with a thud...but again still very confident. A couple of minutes later the kids were instructed to open their boxes...Kali opened her box and I took a picture of an egg I thought had withstood the challenge...I told her to go and show her teacher and get her card stating that her egg made it....she returned with a card that said, 'Opps, my egg broke' I looked down and sure enough the egg had hairline cracks all over it!! I felt like a failure!! Thanks goodness Kali isn't as competitive as me and pretty much forgot about it by the time she got back on the bus. I on the other hand am still working through it!!

Varsity Baseball 2010

It was a fun year for us...Truman, as a freshman made varsity! I know I kinda sound like a bragging mom...Ok, I am!! It was a tough year for LC Baseball, lots of growing pains...but they had a few key victories and we are looking forward to many more years of watching him play!
Here are a few pictures of Trum and the LC Season 2010...
He first started at 2nd and then found a home at 3rd!
Such a q-t!!
RBI baby!!
Scoring...it was a fun year!!

American Girl Birthday!!

Guela started a tradition many years ago that all the granddaughters would get American girl dolls. There was not specific age determined, pretty much just when they were ready....well Kali was ready!! We have been pouring over the catalog for months and finally decided to put it in Guelas hands. Here she is ready to find out which doll Guela chose! Kali's big joke over her whole birthday was, "mom you got me a box...thank you so much!!" Such a ham!!
The doll for Kali is.....Julie!! A blonde Haired, Brown eyed beauty!! Reminds me of someone!!
Soooo Sweet!! She just loves her!!
Now we were pouring over the catalog to find some cute outfits!!
Thanks Guela! You are special...we love you!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Mariner Adventure!

Every year we try to take in at least one Mariners game. The boys LOVE it...Kali tolerates it, and I can't get enough. Safeco Field is beautiful and with the retractable roof you know you aren't going to be sitting in a down pour. This trip we had over cast sky's but the temp was fine. The Mariners pulled a mariner and lost the game in the last inning...but we had a good time. Kali was more about the team store and the playground but she was a trooper, you have to understand this girl watches more baseball in a week then most little girls have to in a lifetime!
Jake is a kid after my own heart...I love to keep the book at a baseball game, and between the two of us we got the whole game on paper! Wish it could have been a better game! :)
Trum with his snack of choice...Cracker Jacks....come to think of it, he is a cracker Jack!!
Taiji with his snack of choice...cotton candy....what??? GROSS!!!
Me and my Girly!! Love her!
In about the 8th inning the crowd started to thin out and the kids moved up to the front trying to snag a home run shot (we were hopeful)! They didn't catch anything....but they are pretty cute!!
After the game the boys were in desperate need of haircuts...to off the the mall we went. All 4 boys got cuts...Taiji's took about 10min, Truman's about 15min, Shane's about 20mins and then Jakes.....45 mins! It was pretty funny....and even funnier still is the kid needs a haircut again already!!
After haircuts we went to the Macaroni Grill. Kali proclaimed it her birthday dinner...so it was!
Here she is with her birthday cake. She was a sweety and we all passed it around!
So there you have it...a Mariner adventure that included a road trip, a baseball game, haircuts, dinner and yet another Kali birthday celebration!! It was a good day!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Happy Birthweek Kali Faith!

You will notice that I said in the title, Birthweek! This girl LOVES to celebrate!! We have enjoyed celebrating with her! We started early so that Jake could get in on some of the action. He had suggested that we get her a girl scooter so that she would stop using his..heehee!! She loved it...so whatever his motives it all worked out! Barbie Scooter and helmet! She's flying all over the house...now all we need is a little better weather so that she can do it outside!
Party time!! We had a few of Kali's bestie's over. It was great...a little crafting, playing, dress up, eating, running around and then cake time!
The girls lining up to watch the presents get opened! It was a captive audience!
DRESS UP CLOTHES!! She loves to pretend and Tessa and Kali can play for hours!
It didn't take long and they were in the clothes and playing!
The Gang!
Josie, Grady, Westy, Kali, Tess, Ruby, Annie and Dex!
Momma...cake decorator extrodinare!! =)
Blowing out the candles! Big girl wishes!!
Kali with her bros, all of them!!
Jake, Scooter, Taiji, Kali and Truman!!
Kali Faith is a gift! She is my smile!
She loves her dolls, barbies, Taylor Swift, Imagination movers, The Fresh Beat band, clothes, changing clothes, wearing my clothes, wearing Tessa's clothes and dress up clothes. She has a wonderfully charming personality. She melts the hearts of her brothers and daddy alike. We love you Kali Faith and Pray that you have a fantastic year!