Monday, June 30, 2008

Birch Bay Beach Bums!

Yet another day with no baseball...not that I'm's just a little weird! We went to early church and met up with Shane's Brother's family and decided that an impromptu trip to Birch bay was in order. The weather was great the tide was out and the kids had a blast running around....that was of course until Kali was on the receiving end of a flying clam shell that landed right in between her eyes...she was super tough and we decided no stitches were necessary. She needed to snuggle for exactly 4 minutes and then was back in action. The tide quickly made it's way in and as it did the kids (and blake) thought they would roll and log in and go was funny because they looked like they were on survivor seeking good fishing grounds! It is always fun to hang out with the 'other' VanDalens and hope there are more adventures in the future!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Skagit Speed Way Adventure

Saturday was an odd day for us...we didn't' have baseball...we didn't know what to do with ourselves! We did manage to set up the pool for Kali, clean out the garage and then for a fun little adventure we headed to the Skagit Speed Way. Of course not my first choice, but the boy's were excited and the weather was perfect. Kali of course had to make 4 trips to the bathroom...but we were surrounded by fun loving rednecks so we fit right in!! Mommy's girl!
The Boyz!
Like father like daughter!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday Truman!!

With the help of our neighbors, we were able to pull off a fun little surprise party for Truman. He was part of the planning for an end of the school year party...the part he didn't know was that it was actually a party for HIM!! Everyone kept the secret and the look on his face was priceless! Truman continues to be a teen age mystery to me....I know I'm not the only one to feel that way. There are so many sides to him, sweet and endearing, annoying and loud, bossy and mean...but the one thing I am sure of is that he is constantly trying to make good choices and is really learning about the consequences of his choices both good and bad!! We love you Truman! Hope you had a great Birthday! I think all his friends thought it was awesome that they knew something he didn't!
The yummy ice cream cake!
The party you can see this was a boy/girl party...Something that is new and and little scary. This class really seems to get along well...I look forward to seeing all these kids grow...praying throughout that they continue to seek God and make good choices!
Of course no birthday is complete without a birthday breakfast and presents. I'm really glad we got the party in early, because Trum's birthday fell on Father's Day and a weekend long tournament.
After the game on Sunday we thought we would squeeze in a little bowling...of course the lighting wasn't great in there...this is the best picture of the bunch...pretty cute though!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Friday, June 13, 2008

Six years in the was worth the wait!

Those of you that know me...know that I take my tattoo's very seriously. I waited until I was 23 to get my first one- a cute little cross....then waited six year's to get my second one- Jake and Abbey stick figures...and now six year's later I have finished my quest with a third tattoo- The name's of each of my kids. Each tattoo has special meaning and I think that's why each one took so long to get. My Friend Karen celebrated her birthday yesterday and she also had be wanting to get a tattoo for a along with our pal Lisa, we all took the plunge! Karen was first and was so brave...George Michael helped to ease her pain! Lisa went next and of course being the talented artist that she is, she came up with a beautiful drawing with tons of hers took a while...a long while...just kidding Lis!! Then it was my turn...our guy Chris was great, but he make it abundantly clear that Lisa's was his favorite and enjoyed doing hers and that Karen's and mine were well...boring!! Not to us!! No regrets we had a great time! Thanks girls!!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Sad Day in Lynden!!

Today one of our favorite restaurants in Lynden, the Loft, along with 10 other businesses lost their home! A fire started around 1:00pm in the Delft Square. The Delft Square was a land mark in Lynden, over 100 years old...unfortunately that may have contributed to the total loss of the building. They still don't know what started the fire, but it's pretty evident that the Delft Square is gone. Please pray for all those business owners and their families as this is a very difficult time. It was kinda weird because I was baby sitting for the owners of the Loft today...when they dropped him off, little did they know that their whole world was changing today.
Still tonight as I type this the fire is still not out and the town of Lynden smells like smoke.
The Loft was originally Jake's Dad's restaurant...and even though they have moved on and started Jake's Western must be hard to see this happen!
The good thing...I that the weather is cold, wet and rainy...and when I say rainy...I mean, HOLY COW!!
Keep my sister Jessie and her husband Brett in your thoughts as well, his business was also located in the Delft Square...and now he will also have to find a new place to do business!