Monday, January 29, 2007

The big Reveal!!

On Sunday early afternoon, Guela saw her home for the first time. She loved it. It was so special. It took us 40min to get through the house (and were only talking 1200sqft) She just wanted to linger in each room touching everything!!

Here are the kids with their Guela...and the cool gifts from Hawaii!!

Kali was a trooper...but enough was enough!

Worker Bees!

The brothers!

Here are a few of the girls Eileen, Melissa and Tasha putting their talents to good use!! Notice Kali was doing her part, making sure Tasha got everything out!! Oh what fun!

This, as I said was a group effort. Here are a few of the 'during' pictures of everyone putting their heart and souls not to mention blood, sweat and tears into the project. Actually, I think I was the only one to contribute the blood...and the tears were all tears of joy!!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

A True labor of LOVE!!

Before- Guest room
After- Guest room

Before-Master Bedroom
After-Master Bedroom

Before- Playroom
After- Playroom


Before- Livingroom
After- Livingroom

A few months ago my sister-in-law Melissa and I were talking about what we could give Guela (our mother-in-law) for Christmas and we thought we should do a little make over on her home...that is where the adventure began. We approached her about it and she was sooo excited. We decided that while she was in Hawaii we would ban together as a family and get the project done. Never could we have imagined how a project could take on a life of it's own. It started with lets lets get new lets get new lets do the whole house. We had so much fun, we bonded, we shopped, we laughed, we ate, we were worn out, we hung pictures, we cleaned, we hammered, we packed, we unpacked, we were a family doing something for someone that meant so much to each of us in our own different ways. Each person gave of them self in the area where they were gifted. This truly was a group effort and a true labor of love!! And I guess all I can say now (stealing Ty Pennington's line)...Welcome Home Guela, Welcome Home!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Awards Dessert!!

Don VanMaanen Gave a great speech!
Mom receiving her award!
Mom's acceptance speech!

Tonight Nancy Faber and Jim Kaemingk were honered as this years Sol Lewis Award winners. What a great time honoring them, we were able to hear and share stories about these two very great servants of our community!! Great Job Mom!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A very 'suite' time!!

Besides a roaring cold, we had a great time!
When we got there Shane's friend said we could go court side for a half hour, it was great being so close up!!
One of the boy's favorites...Ray Allen

I know...I'm almost scared to post this fearing the back lash of...'oh my gosh another trip to Seattle!!' However...that's just part of being married to Shane and I happen to enjoy it!! So say what you want we had fun!! Shane was given tickets by a client and friend to seats in the Key Bank Suite at KeyArena. We went down and watched the Sonics take on Denver Nuggets with Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson!! It was a great game, the Sonics gave them a run for there money, but couldn't quite pull it out!! We sat by a great couple and had fun comparing camera are a few of the night!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Starting to see a pattern!!

She's either going to really be into shoes or she will have wonderful empathy and be able to walk in other peoples shoes!!
The scary thing about these shoes, is that she actually walks in them better then I do!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

NYL Awards Dinner

This is the 4th NYL Awards dinner I have gone to with Shane...but the first time I have gone with him without his glasses...I tell ya it was like a first date...what a handsome guy!!
This is our Lynden General office, in order- Matt, Joy, Me, Shane, Shara and Scott!! We had a great time. We look forward to growth and lots of good times in the future!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Oh Kali!!

Always trying to be like her big bros!
Please notice the hole in the bottom of her shirt with her belt hanging through...Kali found a scissors had it exactly 10 seconds and still managed to ruin her shirt...lesson learned! My little Kali has figured out that between 4:30 and 5:30, Mom's attention is not on her but in the Kitchen...this was her remedy, if mom won't come to me...I'll come to her!
Side note to LP, I only used one ! for each was very hard and I did it for you but I think that this will be the only entry that way!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Nancy Faber named Lynden's Women of the Year

Here is the article that came out in the Lynden Tribune today....although it took Lynden 20years to figure out she's the women of the year...we've known for a long time! Good job mom...we love you!!

 LYNDEN -- How does one describe the city of Lynden to somebody with no clue about the town? After 20 years of residency, one Lyndenite believes that community members’ loyalty to the town shapes Lynden’s unique personality. Nancy Faber, Lynden Christian School’s Cash From Trash program director, is a prime example. Faber has been chosen a 2006 Sol Lewis Award winner for her work as coordinator of the school’s recycling fundraiser program. The other winner is Jim Kaemingk. To commend their efforts, a public evening reception will be held at the Lynden Pioneer Museum on Jan. 25. “I’ve lived in four different states for a period of several years, but I’ve never run across a town quite like the city of Lynden,” Faber said. “Not too many communities have the loyalty base that this city has in its senior citizens, schools, museum, library, Rotary, Lions Club and the many churches. It’s truly amazing.” Faber’s portrayal of Lynden might come as a surprise considering it’s based on her experience with none other than “trash” -- ranging from cardboard cereal box tops to coffee can labels.  Brand items such as Campbell Soup, General Mills, Kellogg’s, Duracell and Wisk goods are more than just household names to Faber -- they bring her volunteer family together. Consumer goods companies provide an outlet for Lynden residents to give back to their town, not only by making the city more ecologically sound but by serving its future through Lynden’s youth.  In the paper baler building on Drayton Street across from Lynden Christian Elementary School, Faber has run the Cash From Trash program since the project’s initiation in 1987, she said.  The program is a fundraiser of Friends of Lynden Christian School, a volunteer-based organization. Faber’s crew of volunteers collect, cut out, siphon and organize the commercial labels and proofs, which are then stapled to the receipts and sent out to appropriate companies for refunds. Groups of women sit around a table doing the meticulous work directed by Faber.  Collectively, the team has raised approximately $750,000 for the LC schools over the last 19 years, not to mention three Campbell’s promotion minivans and Friskies promotion computers, Faber said. All of the funds go to Friends of LC, which select the school’s improvement projects to assist with.  “I was going to sell our first computer, but someone I was talking to told me to keep it because the refunding world was merging online,” Faber said. “I didn’t even know how to type, let alone turn on a computer, but I had to learn. And now, I’m a computer guru -- but only with trash,” she said, laughing. “What we do is not like your typical baked goods sale where I make a cake, you make a cake, then I buy your cake and you buy my cake. This is a project where the parents don’t have to take their checkbooks out -- ever. All the money comes in from outside sources instead of from parents’ pockets that are already stretched from paying for tuition and everything else from having kids,” she said. The 50 volunteers work together through a staggering number of labels to generate from $17,000 to $40,000 annually. That’s especially remarkable since that the average label collects less than a quarter each -- many are only a penny -- and that the team is comprised of Lynden’s senior citizens. “Sometimes I feel like it’s too much work for the amount we collect, but the school officials remind me that we get so much from the project in other ways, like keeping our senior citizens happy,” Faber said. “That’s worth a lot.” “I feel most towns and projects don’t see senior citizens as an avenue, but they can be so helpful. They are very viable people that want to help physically –- they can’t always with their checkbooks. Yet they’ve already been through being president of the Mother’s Club, and so on. They don’t want to do that anymore – that asks a lot. But here, they can come and be able to do some work that is within their capabilities and feel that they are doing useful things for the school and the community,” she said. The program facility’s floor-to-ceiling rows of shelves illustrate the volunteers’ commitment to the project. Each shelf is organized with dozens of tagged boxes brimming with hundreds of designated labels. Some of the filled boxes may never amount to anything, as the proceeds are at the mercy of company refund promotions, Faber said, but they are stored on the shelves just in case offers for the products come along. Such a philosophy may clutter up the former LC school bus garage, but it has enabled Faber’s team to win several contests and earn substantial funds for the school, such as a random M&M’s Mars Bar promotion that was offered in 1991 that won LC $10,000, Faber said.  “It’s kind of like the New York Stock Exchange,” Faber said. “It can go fast.” Life on the refund fast lane starts at 4 a.m. for Faber. She begins her daily regimen at the computer hunting online for special campaign offers for school-only as well as individual refund opportunities. She empties the recycle cage located in the paper baler building three times a day and throughout the remaining hours, as the team of volunteers cuts, sorts and organizes the labels, she said.   “You don’t take breaks with this project,” Faber said. “The recycle cage fills up and the refunds all have deadlines, so you have to do it 52 weeks a year. This project is never over, we are never caught up and there are always things we have to let go because there are not enough hours in the day to be on top of everything. It’s kind of a runaway train. You can’t scale back because the recycle cage will still fill up.” But while the project at hand appears daunting and exhausting at times, Faber said, so long as Lynden community members are willing to show their support for the schools by donating their box tops, labels and receipts, the volunteers promise to continue on their mission to support Lynden Christian School as long as their workforce allows – after all, their loyalties lie with Lynden. For more information about the program or the promotions currently pursued, contact Faber at 354-3973, e-mail or visit the project Web site at

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

MLK Tourney Adventure

Truman had a tourney in Seattle this weekend...that means another family adventure. The boys did great finishing 2nd out of 24 teams!! Here Jake is doing what Jake loves most...playing game boy!! Uggh!! The boys do kinda get drug along, but they love it and really look forward to when they can play!!
Notice Taiji right there in the middle...he has become the official ball boy and takes his position very seriously!!
Truman had some great games...I think it was the old school socks Shane got him!!
Kali is always up for an adventure and did wonderful!! Here she is at one of the gyms...she always finds a little place all for her own!
Here she is thinking she's sooo cool with Truman's empty rootbeer bottle.
We have found that a portable DVD player with a good stock pile of Elmo videos and we are good to go!!
Of course there is a limit to what one little girl can handle!!
Another successful and safe trip!!

Monday, January 15, 2007

The Last Holiday Party of 06 in 07!!

For the last 3 years for Shane's office party we have had it in January instead of in the midst of all the chaos of the December Holiday and Party season. We have also had them all at our house in the form of a Cocktail Party/Game night. Here is the gang enjoying all the grub!
The game of choice this year was apples to apples. It is a fun way to get to know each other and from what we have found it is never boring...chains...really Duane??
Here is my partner in crime, my assistant chef, Kimmy and I!!
A good time was had by all and we are already looking forward to the next time we can all get together!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Snow Day!!

This is the view from my backyard yesterday!
The morning was met with cheers and morning cartoons as they found out that there was no school!!
Truman paid Kali to do his homework for him so that he could play in the snow.
I think Truman better stick to doing his homework himself!!
I'm sure more snow pictures will follow...have a great (snow) day!!