Thursday, March 18, 2010

Locks of Love from my LOVE!!

Today was a big day!! My little Kali was born with NO hair...I have willed it to grow...and grow and grow!! I have loved to braid, curl, pony and more!! But lately neither one of us have enjoyed the snarls and brushing. About 3 months ago we decided that we would let it get long enough and then cut it for locks of love! It took a couple of conversations to understand what that meant...but then she was all over it!! Well today was the day!! She woke up and said, "today is haircut day"!!! So excited!! It was an amazing experience!! My friend Melissa made the day!! She treated Kali like a queen...and of course the queen needs a posse (Guela, Aunt Kate, Grandma and Mom)!! Here are a couple of pictures of our day!! I'm thrilled with the results and the best is Kali!! Before- Front
Before- Back
Guela was so sweet!! She brought Kali a book to remember the day by!! It is the book of her favorite movie....Heidi!!
Mom and Kali-before!! Our famous self portrait!
In the Process...
The hair heading to Locks of Love!!
LOVING every minute of it!! In fact, direct quote...."I think I would like to get my haircut every day!!" Tooooo cute!!
Melissa doing her magic!!
Kali was full of fun faces!! This is just one of them!!
After- Back! (sooooo cute)
After front! I didn't realize I had a teenage girl!! YIKES!!
Kali and Melissa showing off the HAIR!!
Kali with a member of the posse, Grandma!!
It was a great day for a great cause with a great result!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Olympics Dutch Style

We were very fortunate this year to be so close to where the Winter Olympics were being held in Vancouver. We had thought about going up and trying to get tickets...but unfortunately they were a little pricey. So we thought we would stay home and enjoy them from the comfort of our couch for free. Then Brother-in law Rolf informed us of another fun experience...The Holland Heiniken House. It is an arena that the Dutch take over and make into a giant Bar with huge screens, dutch food and dutch beer. It is very popular and the lines are generally 2hours long...that is if you don't have a Dutch passport. We don't of course...but Rolf does he went up all week...enjoying the speed skating, food and talking Dutch with fellow natives. Well on Saturday Rolf and Kate invited Jessie and Brett and Shane and I to join them. We were so excited for the opportunity to be a part of the excitement. Kate and I decided to surprise Rolf with matching orange shirts. We had a blast!!! We were even able to get downtown to see the craziness!! We made memories that will last a lifetime!! Thanks ROLF and KATE!! The Ozone was a couple of blocks that they blocked off for different events and concerts. The HHH was inside.
This is the entrance. I should have take a picture of the lines!! With Rolf and the golden passport we were able to get right in!

Enjoying some Dutch Food and Dutch Beer!!

A fun picture in front of the Olympic Cauldron!!
Thanks to Kate...I got a great picture without the fence and you can even see the Olympic rings that they had floating out in the water.
Sisters...minus one!
(yeah I know) Here is a group shot!

The Dutch really know how to PARTY!! They had this dancing flame and were singing all these songs with motions!! It was AWESOME!!
This is what they set up the HHH for. The athletes come here after the medal ceremony and are treated like rock stars!! It was so much fun!! The guy that is being interviewed is the speed skater that would have won gold if his coach hadn't screwed up!
Great times were had by all!!

Ferndale Tourney Champs!!

The Boys worked really hard this year going back to the basics and really coming together as a team. In one of the last tourney's of the year the were able to take the whole thing!! We were so proud!! Here is the motley crew!!