Sunday, September 20, 2009

Road Trip!!

What was going to be a 'got nothing going' kinda a weekend quickly turned into a road trip!! I'm not complaining...I love road trips and this one was perfect!! After Jake and Taiji's football game we loaded up the kids and hit the road and we were off. Ellensburg was the first stop to meet with Marge a client of Shane's that has turned into a great friend. We had dinner with her and then she came to the hotel to watch the kids swim. Then it was off to bed. The next morning after a quick meeting it was time for a little breakfast with Marge and then we were off again, now heading to Seattle to watch the Mariners. With the invitation form our friends at Keybank we were able to enjoy the game in a Suite! The kids thought it was great...the view was awesome! The game was even better...Mariners win 7-1!! We even got to see Griffey hit a 3 run home run!! We loaded back up after the game and headed was about a 28hour turn around, all in all it was a great Road Trip!! Kali was out! She loves a road trip!!
Heading into Safeco!
My sideway's kids!
Poor camera did a number on him! Still fun to see!
This is what Kali does at a baseball game!
Me and my gang!
Griffey hitting his double!
The Seattle skyline...Awesome!!
Kali and her new backpack!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just another busy day!!

A day in the life of the VanDalen's...Amy up at 6:30 and out the door by 7am for a 15k race in Bellingham....Shane left to tend to the rest of the clan. Thanks Honey!! He got all kids up, fed them all and got them all ready for a day of Football at Friday Harbor. That means one grumpy 15 year old that doesn't want to go cuz it isn't about him, 2 very excited 11 year olds bouncing off the walls because it IS about them and a very dramatic 4 year old that thinks the whole world revolves around her!! Impressive!! Hind sight 9.3miles on a beautiful Saturday morning could have been the easier route!! After he got the gang ready he dropped Kali off at Grandma's to await my return from b'ham...they then headed to Anacortes to catch the Ferry to Friday Harbor. I returned grabbed a shower, Kali and my Mom and then we followed on a later ferry. It was a gorgeous day for a ferry ride and football game...but let's just say the Ferry ride went better then the football game. But all in all a very fun and busy day!! Grandma and Kali on Kali's very first ferry ride!
Jake's little sisters...Daisy and Kali!
Me and my best girl!
Jake #12 going in for the tackle!
Jake QB making the hand off.
Taiji making a big tackle for a little guy!!
Taiji getting shoved through the air...doesn't take much!
Truman and Kali playing their own version of football!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

First Day

I won't get to wordy since my last post was a mini book...but the boys had their first day of School on Monday. (Kali didn't start until she slept in and missed the picture fun...which I'm sure all the boys wish they could have done!! Hee Hee!!) Tradition is tradition and we have taken first day pictures in Abbey's garden since we moved to this house.
Taiji, Jake, Truman
Truman John, 15 Freshman!!
Taiji Lee, 11- 6th Grade
Jake Poag, 11- 6th grade
My Kali girl! First day of Pre-4 Preschool!
Kali with best friend and cousin Tessa. They are in the same preschool this year....we will see how that goes!!
Kal and Tess getting a feel for the room!

Me and my gal Kal!! I sure do love her...but I'm sure both she and I will both be OK with a little preschool!!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

An African Adventure....

This adventure started about two years ago, when Brother Blake and Liss felt that they were being called to adopt a little boy from Africa. They went through all the proper channels, found and fell in love with a little boy 6 weeks old. They thought that they would be able to get him last fall but the Lord had different plans and almost a year later they found themselves all finalized and ready to travel. We were soooo Grady was finally going to be coming home. The first leg of their journey found them (Blake, Lissa, Taylor, Ellen & Guela) in Dallas with an unexpected 12 hour layover...but they stayed strong, focused and excited. They finally did get to Ethiopia via London at 5am...they were undecided if they would get up and go to church the next day but finally felt lead that God was calling them there. They arrived at church to be greeted by their new son holding a flower for them....what a miracle!! They were immediately able to take him with them and the bonding began...they were able to spend the rest of the week there....learning about Grady, his culture and meeting tons of wonderful people!! But now it was time to go home. They were ready and we ready to see them!! They boarded the plane and headed out...unfortunately they had to make a quick stop in Sudan to drop off a few passengers...this is where the trouble began...Guela (Shane's mom) fainted on the plane and the flight officials said that she could not continue until she had a doctors a short amount of time big decisions were having to be made...who stays? How is this going to work? Well after a few minutes it was decided that Guela would get off the plane accompanied by Ellen (nana, Melissa's mom.) The Grandma's were now stuck in Sudan (not one of the safest countries in the world). Blake, Melissa, Taylor and Grady continued home and arrived without further incident. Guela was taken to a clinic and Ellen to a Hotel. They were only able to see each other one time, but Ellen took charge of the situation and was able to make some calls. After a day, Guela was cleared to leave, but it took a 2am phone call to wire some money to have her released. They were able to get on a flight that took them to Cairo, then to Amsterdam, then to Minnesota, then home. They really felt God at work on each and every leg....he kept them safe in a hostile and foreign land...and he bonded them in a way only he could do! We are so happy that they are all home, that they are all safe and now we all have a Great story on how our God works miracles in mysterious ways!! Here are a couple of pictures of our gathering at Guela's House awaiting her and Ellen's return. Truman, Bryce and Chelsea, hanging out!
Guela's home!! Kali sure missed her and was one of the first one's to give her a hug!!
Crying, laughing and praising God!!
The reason for the Trip!! Grady Asamanew VanDalen!!
Poor Grady...he was still jet lagging...but we had no problem snuggling with him!!!