Friday, January 29, 2010

Who doesn't love Pre-school??

Kali for one LOVES preschool!! She is professional!! She goes 5 days a week....two different preschools. I know...I'm one of those moms...oh well at least I can admit it!! At least she thrives and loves every minute!! This week was backwards day and PJ day. Here are a few shots of a couple of fun dress up days. Backwards day....she had to have the hood up on her face...little stinker!
My lovely download issues...but here is half of her forward facing backwards wearing day!
Here she is, facing backwards with her forward facing clothes....I know even I'm confused!! Please note however the backwards braid...not a small feat! Cute none the less!!
PJ day. Loves her jammies....and she even was able to invite grandma and guela for some pancakes! They had a great day!!
Thanks preschool teachers...for loving and teaching my little sweetie!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A weekend adventure!

It was another VanDalen road trip and this time we brought reinforcements....Guela!! The logistics of this day were insane...however we were able to pull it off! The day started with having to get Jake and Taiji to their games at 8:00am....I went to go get my hair done at 8:00 (I know a little high maintenance...but when you have a stylist like get in when she can get you in) anyways...Truman had to get up so that in case Kali woke up an adult (or adult like figure) would be available. After hair I headed to Jake and Taiji's game....then it was back to Lynden to get Truman to LC to catch the bus to Seattle Christian game....grab Kali and head to Jake and Taiji's second game at 11:00. Once they won their 2nd game we grabbed Guela loaded up the car and headed down south to watch Truman's games. We got there in time to watch the C team. He played great and they won...however he only played 2 quarters so that he could play 2 quarters of JV but we need to be to a dinner in Guela drove us to our hotel with Kali in tow. We stayed and got ready and had a ride in place to pick us up. Guela headed back to Seattle Christian to get the rest of the crew. We had a great time at our dinner and LC swept Seattle Christian. Guela came back to the hotel to hold down the fort, swimming, xboxing, and snacking. Kali thought that this was her perfect world....Hotel, brothers, swimming, guela and hotel...I know I said that twice...but this girl LOVES a hotel!! We all fell into bed around midnight and slept in...after a frustrating but delicious trip to IHOP it was off to Uwajima (SP?) our favorite Asian market....once stocked up we were homeward bound. WOW that was a mouth full....and a weekend full, but we had a great time and can't wait for the next adventure!! Truman d-ing it up!!
My little fashionista....
The boys hanging with their friends....and Kali!
Self-timed portrait...note the fancy hair (Thanks Melissa)
Shopping at Uwajima
The Gang on the way home!! Sooooo fun!! Thanks Guela for putting up with this motley crew!! We love you!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Jake's Gingerbread Creation

Here is Jake's Creation....I posted everyone else' in the previous post and somehow missed Jake's. Then when I downloaded it, it had the wonderful line through the middle. So instead of the finished get a picture of the work in progress!!
Nice job Pig!!

A Faber Family Christmas Gathering

My last Christmas post...January 11...not sooo bad!
On December 26th the Faber Clan came over for a little Christmas Cheer. Appetizers, taco bar, and yummy desserts were on the menu. We had a great time hanging out, eating, opening presents and for the 2nd year creating ginger bread houses. Thanks to Brett and Jessie and some new methods the houses were quite successful. The little girls even got in on the action creating Christmas trees for every one's houses. It was a fun time had by all!!
The Grand kids...minus the Canadians (Mady, Corey, Lauren & Tayah)
Hattie really loved the computer Taiji picked out for her!!
Truman getting ready to open a gift from Josie!!
Emily giving Kali a 'Thank-you' hug for the cool sweatshirt!
Kali, Tessa and Josie making the famous and coveted Christmas trees!
It's a lot of prep work and messy...but oh soooo much fun!! And just check out the creations. Each kid was able to capture their personality. Thanks again Brett and Jess!!
Truman and his neat and tidy creation.
Taiji getting creative!
Erik and his master piece
Luuk and his even included a swimming pool, with diving board and slide!
Emily's creation

Well somehow I missed Jake's...his included a garage and red driveway...I may have to post a picture of it later!

We had a great Christmas...hope you did too!!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A quiet family Christmas

Christmas morning was just what Christmas morning should be. It was relaxing...we enjoyed some yummy breakfast (to me that means that there were no eggs included!!) We slowly opened presents and pretty much did nothing else all was awesome!! Of course the kids were thrilled with their loot and we were happy they were happy! But more importantly we were happy to just relax and remember the reason for the season!!Kali showing off her Bitty baby with her new clothes and the new puppy 'sugar'.
Christmas morning with daddy. Showing off the cool wrapping and gift from preschool.
Kali helping me unwrap my new scarf, gloves and hat.
My gang!
The boys were pretty excited. Ipod nano' s for Jake and Taiji and since Truman already had one, he gets a docking station and alarm clock! They love them!!
My sweet little ballerina!! New tights, body suit, ballet shoes and tutu!! Toooo cute!!

This picture makes me happy and sad all in one. I see these beautiful children wearing their Christmas Stocking hats and getting ready to open their stockings...but then I look up and see the one lone stocking still hanging there and I'm reminded that Abbey has spent her 7th Christmas in Heaven, what a party that must be!! Oh so bitter sweet! She is missed soooo much! But yet, it is this time of year that God revealed he had a plan and sending his son to be born in a manger was just the beginning! What a gift!! I hope you all had a chance to see God and his plan in this Holiday season!!

VanDalen Christmas Gathering

The Barb VanDalen party is always one of my favs!! These peeps are just fun and easy to be around....sure it gets loud (very loud) and sure there are massive amounts of kids running around...but there is so much love and camaraderie! We laugh and talk and laugh and just celebrate! This year was no different!! We are sooo happy to welcome, Bryce Lankaar (born to Tasha & Trevor), Dave Huetink (married Shannon), James Powell (married McKenzie), Grady VanDalen (adopted by Blake and Liss), Andrew Sanders (born to Lacey and Mark), and Adrienne Silva (married to Paul) to our crew!! More chaos....but more to love!!
All the yummy goodies!
The crew plating up!

Jake and Guela eating the soup and sandwiches!! Yummy!

Socializing over some good grub!
James and Kenz. James being the newest member to the family that can read...was given the honor of reading the Christmas Story. He did a great job. It's important to remember the reason for the season!
We are a large crew...getting bigger by the day, but there is so much love and intimacy!! What a blessing!!

Hot and Cold Poster!!

I have great intentions of being a once and week poster...I take the pictures and in my head come up with a cute title and little diddy about our adventures. Then one day gets away from me and then another and the next thing you know I have a back log of posts crowding my mind. I thought of starting fresh in the new year...but then I realized I would be sad in the future when I looked back on Christmas of '09! So these couple of posts are more for me and my future memories...I hope ya dig them...and feel the need to comment...but no pressure!!

Christmas Break Chill-laxin'!!
I thought that these couple of pictures showed what Christmas break was all about. A good movie-'The Polar Express', comfort- blankets & pillows, snuggling with your sibs....awesome!!