Saturday, October 17, 2009

Palm Springs 2009

Last weekend Shane and I headed south to Palm Springs for a NYL council meeting. We were really looking forward to a little time away in the sun...but we were also really looking forward to catching up with our great friends, Rory and Mandy. If you follow the blog, we met them last year in Puerto Rico and had many fun....sometimes crazy adventures!! We were able to relax, golf, read and hang out with some great people!! Mandy and I at the NYL dinner
Group shot!
Enjoying sometime with my main man!
Good Friends+Good Wine=GREAT night!! sad!! I did figure it's not my is when I'm downloading, something happens and it gets weird! Oh really is a cute picture!!

This was the strangest cloud....we all commented on how it looked like a UFO!
Not our best self portrait...but we had fun!!
What the picture doesn't show is that the ball was 2 feet shy of the green and splashed in the water....but it was a beautiful hole!!
So sweet!! Rory and Mandy!
( have an unusually small head...wink wink
Oh Mandy...One of many self portraits! I just love this girl!!
What....Shane's on his phone, not surprising....but what in the heck am I doing?? We did have fish bowl size margarita's before coming here!
Just a bunch of innocent cutie pies!!
Did I mention the fish bowl size margarita??
They did manage to win two games after losing 3 in a row...again margaritas!!
Handsome little devils!!
It was a great trip and we can't wait until we meet again!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Project Bed Room Swap-Phase 1 of 4

I was reminded today that I haven't gotten around to posting the pictures of phase one. Actually, the first phase of Project Bed Room Swap...moving Truman into the spare room, was a little harder then I thought. The spare room had always been called 'Abbey's room'. Not because she ever stayed in it...but because it is where all 'her' stuff landed when we moved into this house. We decided that Abbey's stuff deserved a more suitable space so we are working on that as well. As for Truman...he moved into a smaller room....but the advantages are that he has a bigger bed, new stuff, and closer access to the bathroom....also now 'his' bathroom. We had talked about what he wanted for his room and he decided that something to do with Michael Jordan. So the walls went gray and the accent colors are red and black. Shane went online to find some posters, and my mom had this cool Jordan jersey (Thanks Grandma) so we framed and hung it. It's a little bare...but he's a boy and likes it simple...he would however like for me to do a mural of some sort...we will see if my creative juices get flowing and I will let ya know.
View of the bed
Couple of the cool posters
A basketball chair with Kali lounging!
Phase 3 of 4
As you can see....I've not gotten very far with Kali's new room. Still trying to figure out what we want to do!! She's loving the princess world right now, but I don't want her to grow out of it and have to redo the room in a, I'm not quite ready to put her downstairs yet. So I will post as I start to work. Of course this is the first room I actually thought to take a before picture of...always a little more dramatic that way!! More to come!
I'm starting to think I should start a little side business of painting....maybe give my dad a little run for his money!! Actually he's just happy that he doesn't have me as a client!! HeeHee!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Project Bed Room Swap-Phase 2 of 4

After living in our house for 5 years I thought it was time to switch things up a bit. We've decided to do a 4 room bedroom swap. Truman into the spare room, Jake and Taiji into Truman's room, Kali into Jake and Taiji's room and Kali's room will be turned into a homework room. I'm a little out of sequence with this post....and Truman's room will follow....but here is Jake and Taiji's room. Let's see if you can figure out the theme....
Every boy needs a place for their trophies!!
Taiji's bed

Ken Griffey Jr Fathead!! The coolest thing EVER!! (just wish it would stay on the wall!!)
A view of Jake's bed!!
These boys are in love!! It's fun to see them take pride in it and actually want to keep it clean!! They are even making their beds every day!!
More to come!!