Sunday, December 05, 2010

Turkeybowl '10

It was the 5th annual Turkeybowl! What a BOWL!! The boys woke up to SNOW SNOW SNOW!! They were so excited!! It was amazing! The fathers vs. sons match up was at 11:00am this year. We had to do some hard core bundling...and they were off!! There was a great turnout...Of course the Dad's brought in some 'ringers' no avail, I'm afraid!
I braved the elements with the help of an English Toffee latte' and a splash of Kahlua!! ;)
The abominable Taiji!!
Just a couple of good ole action shots!

I think that we had close to 30 turnout to fight for the title of Turkeybowl ended in a tie!
Then they all got to enjoy a little warming agent...aka Hot Chocolate!
The Fellas...and Tess!
The 5th annual Turkeybowl in the books....and a success!!