Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On a whim...

Why do I do what I do??? I don't know...Kali's hair was a complete birds net this morning...I thought maybe it was due for a little trim...I keep hoping those bangs will start growing and catch up with the rest of her mane...but I know they won't if I don't keep the rest trimmed today was supposed to be a trim that turned in to a full fledged hair cut! Not sure I love it, but she's 3 and it's just hair and it will grow back...she on the other hand loves it, so what do I know! Birds nest Babe! Long and straight
chop chop!
My cutie!!
We have come a very long way from this!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Are you ready for some football????

We certainly are!! The boys have been practicing since the beginning of August and now the time has finally come that we are heading to the games!! What an exciting year for our boys! They have played 2 years, 1 year of flag and 1 year of tackle. This will be the 2nd year of tackle and now they are the older and wiser ones on the team. As you can sorta see in the picture below, both Taiji #2 and Jake #12 have been chosen to captain the team this year. They have proven over the last several weeks of practice that they are leaders and are ready! The first real game was on Saturday and they did great. They both play offense and defense and are seeing a lot of playing time, Jake even does quite a few plays at QB.
This picture below is Jake as QB handing off to Taiji RB. What a proud moment for me the mom to see both my boys not only on the field but working together as a team!!
Of course no post would be complete without lil' miss Kali showing what she does at all these games...let's see, run around, ask for snacks then more running around followed by more snacks!
It's a family affair...and we love it!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

God was in my kitchen...

I mean it...God was in my kitchen tonight. I know that sounds a little strange, but I experienced a true live miracle and I need to share it before I go to bed tonight. I was cleaning up the kitchen after a wonderful meal prepared by my husband. I was dumping all of the tidbits down the garbage disposal. It started to make an awful noise...I turned it off quickly and reached in...well I must not have turned it off all the way and it turned back on with my hand in it...God kicked my hand other way to explain it...because when I looked at my shaking hand there was only a small cut and a bruised fingernail. I could have easily lost the tips of two of my fingers...but I know that my God was there and I will happily lose a fingernail and know that I was a recipient of a small miracle!! God is GOOD!!