Monday, July 27, 2009

Remembering Abbey Mae!

On this day six years ago my heart was broken....and on this day six years ago God started to heal my broken heart. How can that be? One word...GRACE!! I won't even pretend to try to understand it....or even to explain it, but I know that my God did not forsake me. He entrusted me with a miracle, Abbey Mae...and when he decided that he needed her for more important work he granted me his grace to get through the pain on earth, but left me with the promise that I would see her and hold her again. (To quote a favorite book) I will love her forever....for as long as I'm living, my baby she'll be!!
I love you Abbey Mae!!

Our Abbey!

Taking the crew to send their message up to Abbey.
(OK...getting really sick of my camera...or my computer not sure which one)
Anyways....This is a very cute picture that got messed...the message from Jake was, 'I love you, and I hope that you are happy, Love your big brother' sweet!
(another camera malfunction)
Kali and her balloon!
Taiji sharing his message to Abbey.
Truman and his balloon.
Never seems like enough...but we released balloons with personal messages to Abbey.
Up up and away! We love you Abbey!!
Jake, Kali, Truman, Scooter and Taiji

Abbey Mae Poag

October 7th, 2000 to July 27th, 2oo3

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A fun day with the 11's!

BirchBay round two...actually no seaweed or sand this time. We had to run and drop Truman off at the BirchBay water slides, so I thought I would take the opportunity to spend a little time with my 11's!! We hit the go cart and mini golf place near BirchBay. They had a great time chasing each other around the track and then a great time chasing mom around the putt putt course. Funny and interesting styles...I think we all ended up about even. It was a great time had by all! (ya see what I mean about the promise of a new day!! Today was a good day!) Taiji...Jake could not catch him! I think it's cuz he sooo light!
I swear Jake was just trying to get in an accident!
This putt here was actually a hole in one! Great shot Jake!
Taiji style!

My 11's!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Day at the Bay!

I had some friends the other day that were saying that they read the blog and everything just seems so perfect...I'm here to tell ya, that is the furthest thing from the truth. I think I only blog the positive things so that I can sometimes live in that dream land....the truth is, I'm a sucky mom. I yell at my kids everyday...I'm easily angered, frustrated and annoyed!! My kids test me, they are naughty, selfish and rude. I just am so grateful that we have God's grace and forgiveness and the promise of a fresh start if we ask for it!! Where is this coming from you might ask....well yesterday was a day at the beach and I didn't enjoy it...I know the kids did, but I just didn't and I felt...feel guilty about it. I guess this is where I seek that grace and start fresh...even still I was able to get some cute pictures.... The gang building up their forts...
Getting ready for the tide to some in. They move the logs down low so when the water comes up they have a canoe to ride on.

Every year Jake will did a hole in the sand and then stand in it next to taiji and ask me to take a picture. It's's the one time a year that Taiji is taller then Jake!

Truman, Kali, Tess, Taiji & Jake

Truman with the little girls following.

Not sure what is up with my camera...but here are the lil monkey's posing!

The tide vs. the boys.....I think the tide is winning!!

Just a couple of bathing suit divas!

The aforementioned canoes...hard a work!!

I hope I didn't scare ya off...oh well...I am what I am!!

Fast Friends!!

I grew up in New Mexico. My very first best friend was Stacy Polinder. We were joined at the hip and did everything together. We have reconnected over the years....high school, then college and now it's visits in Lynden. She has recently opened up her heart, family and home to two sisters that were just waiting for their forever home! We were very fortunate to meet them the other night...what I didn't expect was that Shae and Kali would become the fast friends that their momma's had been. I pray that with each year and each visit they will go from being fast friends to forever friends. Our Love and Prayers Hoeksemas!!
Kali & Shae

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Josie Turns '3'!!

Josie Leanne turns three. This little girl is one of the funniest little girls I know. She is full of life, a dancing queen, drama queen, sweet girl and stubborn thing all rolled into a little ball!! We love her and are glad that we get to be apart of her life!! Happy Birthday Jos!!

All the Lynden Girl cousins!!
Front-Josie, Tessa, Kali
Back- Hattie and Emily

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kali and Swimming Lessons

Kali has never had fear around water....which in turn makes me have lots of fear. I thought it was time for her to have her first round of swimming lessons. Imagine my surprise when her teacher turns out to be a sweet blue eyed girl named Abbey. Oh the irony! Kali did extremely well. She really trusted Abbey and learned a lot. By the end she was jumping in and putting her face in the water blowing bubbles. Here are a few of my favorite shots of the week. Working on her back float.
An intense conversation with Tessa...they had a great time!!
My cutie!!!
Practicing blowing bubbles and using the noodle.
She even has a great little leg kick going!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

State Baseball U11- E. Wenatchee Day 5

Our bid for a state title and a trip to regionals fell a little short and the Lynden All Stars take home 3rd place for the 3rd year in a row. This of course is a great accomplishment and the boys should be very proud, was hard! The bats just fell silent and we weren't able to get a hit. The very first inning Stanwood came out to score 4 runs right away and it then became a mental battle for our boys not to get was a roller coaster ride that ended in a 9-2 loss. There were tears and sunken shoulders...but after they got out the initial sadness, it was all about next year. It was a fun run...but now I am relishing the peace that follows! Lining up for the national anthem
Jake playing shortstop. It was a fun year for Jake because he proved himself an all around great utility player. This season he played, 3rd, 2nd, shortstop, 1st, catcher and right field. He just went where ever they told him and played his heart out. This tournament he played 1st, shortstop, catcher and right field. He and taiji also bat #1 and #2! I'm a very proud mama!!
Post game pick-me-up talk!
The look of defeat....Taiji!
The look of defeat....Jake!!
The look of exhaustion after 5 games and 4 nights in a hotel....Kali!!
The look of boys realizing it's just a game and that they will be fine!!
What a journey, thanks for taking it with us!!
That is all!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

State Baseball U11- E. Wenatchee Day 4

What a day!! The Lynden All stars win and make it to the semifinals!! It was a great game and those boys had us on the ropes...but Jordan pulled through big time pitching all 6 innings and slamming a triple to clinch it! It was sooooo hot....pushing 104!!! Tomorrow we face a Stanwood team at 11:00am, if we win that we play in the championship at 1:30!! It's been a great tournament with some great families and awesome boys!! Thanks for following the journey and I will let ya know tomorrow how it all played out!! Jake up to bat!
My THREE all stars....Taiji, Shane and Jake!
Taiji laying down the bunt...something that he has really perfected!!
Until tomorrow....that is all!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

State Baseball U11- E. Wenatchee Day 3

This picture was actually taken the night of day two....just thought it was too cute not to post.
Day 3 in Wenatchee. Our game was at 11:00am. This was the last game in our pool play, it was the toughest team that we faced to date. Ellensburg always puts out a great team. The boys bats came alive in the first inning and with Caden's pitching we pulled out the victory, 5-1.
Here's a lovely sideways picture of Jake playing 1st base.
The great thing about having only one game and it being at 11:00 is that you get the rest of the day and evening to relax and have a little fun.
Some of the families are staying a campground that had a swimming area, they also had a couple of boats...the kids had a blast just being kids...running around, tubing, swimming and eating. Here are a few pictures of our afternoon.

Kali thinking about doing a little tubing!
There was a long line for the boat rides, but with two boats and patient captain's they all got a turn.
Hanging by the beach...the water was very cold!!
The boys
Kali and Daddy on a boat ride.
Jake jumping off the dock
Taiji trying to make a sandcastle out of rocks...doesn't work so well!!
Kali finally getting her ride on the tube...thanks to Truman.
Tomorrow is a big day...the boys start bracket play with single elimination. If they win tomorrow they will play two games on Sunday. The semi's and finals....I'll keep ya posted!!
That's all for now!!