Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Fair Affair!

With each year that my kids grow I think, 'this age is my favorite'...probably because they are my kids and I tend to be a little overly proud of them...but this year was a hoot at the fair...I love this age!! ;) Truman is 16 and showed little interest, other then working in the pits on Derby day...Jake and Taiji are 12 and they had a blast running around with their friends, but still aren't too cool to spend some time with Mom and little sis....of course I had to bribe them a bit...but they did it! Kali is 5 and loves everything, she was a great partner! The weather at the NW Washington Fair this year was Awesome! We had a great time walking around, riding the rides and eating the food...here are a few pics of our adventures! Taiji with Kali doing the obstacle course.
The 'shot' of the week! Kali exuding her enthusiasm!!
Doing the ferris wheel!
Loving Life with the snakes and all her treasures!!
Our annual trip to visit Joani in the Horse Barn!
MOMMY had a little lamb, her fleece was white as snow and everywhere that mommy went her lamb was sure to go!!
The boys were troopers...this ride was a little too small for them and was quite painful, but they did it for Kali!!
My lil dorks!! Got to love them!
I think the thumbs up pretty much says it all!! It was a great day, a great week and now we are ready for school!! Sorta!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Demo Derby 2010

Derby time once again. It's a family tradition, Shane's passion....and I just go along for the ride. This year, as with most year's, did not disappoint. There was 1 truck, 2 crazy eight cars and 8 demolition derby cars. It's a team effort and the goal is to have at least one car in the top 5. This year we managed to have one car win the whole thing and also take 3rd, 4th and 5th. Shane won his heat in the afternoon and ended up 5th overall!! It was a beautiful, HOT day!! We all had a great time...until next year!! Shane and his right hand man, Trum, working on all the finishing touches before the derby.
Grandma and the fellas sporting the NewYorkLife Racing Tee Shirts! We were the hit of the fair. We had strangers walking up to us wondering where we got them and if they could have one!

The cheering Section!
More cheerleaders!
Shane in his car, lining up for best looking competition. Shane didn't win but one of the guys from our group did....Nice Job Clay!!
Ben working the arena!
Not sure if you can see our section....but we are the ones in orange!
Shane and Scott in the afternoon...Shane #35 won the afternoon derby and Scott #12 won the whole thing!!
Shane waving his victory flag!
Kali and I are super proud of our derby driver!! #1!!!
Kali Striking a pose with Daddy!
In between the afternoon derby and the evening derby...is hours of working on the cars getting them back in working order...it nice to have such a big group, because they all work together and get'ir done!!

Kali watching Daddy's crew!! Big thanks to Chris, Tim and Trum!
After not qualifying in the afternoon for the main event, Ben had to get in the back door by winning the Consolation match!!
Another great shot of Shane and Scott!
Here's a little picture of our derby crew #35!
And last but not least a picture of the champ with his winning car!!
2010 Demolition Derby in the books!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Water Slides part II....I'm just to old for this!!

I wasn't going to post this...these pictures are not some of my best...but the reality is, I probably look and act more this this then I don't so if I'm going to have a 'true' family blog that really depicts our family I thought I better post. Water slides part II is Jake talking me into doing the 60ft drop with him. I'm not afraid of heights...but I am afraid of losing my top in public!! So off we went, Jake, Luuk and myself. The climb to the top was long.... I'm pretty sure the boys thought I wouldn't go through with it!
The funny part was I was the one that had to do the convincing! Emily got a shot of us at the top.
And then the drop...
This picture just cracks up the kids...it's my what in the heck...why did I do that...that really sucked....I ain't doing that again.....EVER....face!!
And this here is the infamous digging the swimming suit out of my butt picture with again 'The Face'!!
It was an adventure...one that I don't need to do again!
There was one bonus...at least my top didn't come off!!

Waterslides Part I

No summer would be complete without a trip to the Birch Bay Water slides. Of course we picked one of the coldest days of the summer to go...but at least the lines were short. Taiji had been kidnapped by some friends and so he missed the activities and Truman was working...but we still managed to have some fun with the Veening cousins, Jake and Kali. Here are a few highlights... Hanging in the hot tub....
Getting to go on the big kids rides with Emily....
Oh my, a little model in the making....
The splash down.
Warming up!
Fun times!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Swimming Lessons...and a little fish is born!!

This is the year that Kali has come out of her shell and decided that she wanted to learn how to swim. I credit our friend 'Dory'. She worked with Kali while at Moses Lake and got her really excited about swimming. When we got back to Lynden we started private lessons with Abbey and within a couple of lessons Kali was swimming with her head in the water, taking breathes and kicking legs. She did so good!! We are excited about what next year will bring! The little swimmer!
Floating star!
Face in the water, using arms, taking breaths and kicking legs!! AWESOME!
So Proud of her!
Thanks Miss Abbey, for your patience, persistence and love!! Until next year, have a great year in College!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Remembering Abbey's Heavenly Homecoming

I wish after 7 years I had some supreme wisdom that I could pass on. But honestly...I just still really miss her. I wish that instead of picking flowers with Kali to take to Abbey at the cemetery...it was Kali and Abbey picking flowers to take to me for our kitchen table. I wish that I could here them laughing together...in fact I would settle for an all out sister brawl, just to hear her voice again...I miss her!!
But I do thank Jesus that I will get to see her again...for now I will just have to ask him for some extra patience.
This is how we remembered Abbey this year and her heavenly homecoming 7 years ago.

Until we meet again my sweet girl....I love you!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


With the stress and time spent on the baseball tournament....when it was all said and done, it was time for a little fun, and family time!! We decided to spend one more night in Moses Lake then spent the whole next day enjoying the sun and each other at the water slides. We had a great time with the Olighschlagers. It was a great way to wrap up the season!! Jake trying out the simulated wake board
Truman could barely stay on long enough for me to get a picture...but I managed!
Kali and Shane on the lazy river!!
Nobody can swim forever...ya got take a break to do a little coloring!!
Me and My girl!! Notice our matching hair...aren't we too cute!!
Oh I see that look all to often...planning out his next 'adventure'!! YIKES!!
Oh that cute little Taiji...
... And then there's Jake...
Kali telling Shane like it is!! Like mother Like daughter!!
Taiji and a pencil dive!
Jake just trying to keep his head above water....we all know how that feels!!
Well I think this picture says it all!!
We had a GREAT time!
Double thumbs up!!