Saturday, May 30, 2009

Field Day 2009!

Field memory of field day is my mother (I do love you...but I can't forgive you for this one). I was in the 1st grade and the day ended up being hotter then it was supposed to be. My mom showed up to the field pushing little Jessie in the stroller with some shorts in hand. What happen next has scarred me for my whole life....she whipped my pants off, in front of my whole class, and put my shorts on. The name CHICKEN LEGS was born. Now I would give my right arm for someone to call me chicken legs, just kidding.....I digress! Field Day '09, it was a beautiful day! The sun was shining, my boys were in rare form and Kali was running around like a crazy was a good day!! Trum the dork with a couple of buddies!!
Jake annoyed...he had to wait a long time to do an event that he couldn't stand!! He's a little like his mother in this area!!
Taiji with buddy Nate!!
Taiji Lee...Mr. Photogenic!!
Jake with buddy Zach!!
It was a great day!
Field Day '09!!

Shoebox Parade- Diamond!!

Every year LC preschool does a cute little thing called the Shoebox Parade. They give each kid a shape and they have to take a shoebox and turn it into a float that represents their shape. Well Miss Kali Faith got the shape, diamond. In my world that is a nice sparkly thing on my finger...but in Preschool it is the shape of a kite. So we took a few liberties and came up with a princess flying her kite! She was adorable and the float wasn't so bad either!! Here are a few pics of her special day!! Waiting for the parade to start!!
Kali's Preschool class!
Almost ready to go!! Too Cute!!
Some how my eyes disappear when I smile...but standing next to my princess, who cares!!
What a great parade...what a great year!!
Preschool 08-09!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kali's Birthday Day!!

Again....I'm finding myself behind on the blogging...but I'm sure you are sick of hearing here we go again!!! Kali Day was awesome!! She is such a blessing and we enjoy every single minute of what is Kali!! She has such an amazing personality! She makes us smile, laugh and beam with pride!! She has recently been talking about Abbey a lot and it is fun for me to be able to share with her all about her sister!! The other day she asked me when Abbey was going to come back from heaven so that she could play with her...oh if she could only understand how much her big sister would have loved her!! Someday when we have that big family reunion in heaven they will both see what I see!! I digress....Kali day.... This is the night before Kali day, Guela gave her what every princess needs....a real crown!!!
The morning of....we had to wake her up to start the day with the brothers....still a little sleep in her eyes!!
One of her favorite presents....a new tutu!!
So cute and such a little model!!
Her birthday outfit! And it was funny shoe day so ignore the shoes!! (you gotta love the side pony!!)
A birthday lunch fit for a princess!! Her favorite people, Tess and Josie!
Queen mommy and her little princess!!
A fun present from Grandma Faber!
A quick outfit change...since it matched mom!! (I just had to try on the crown)
Grandma reading to all the little munchkins!
It was a great day, such a blessing to be able call little miss Kali Faith my daughter!!
I love ya baby!! I'm soooo proud of you!!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Let us run with perseverance....

Let us run with perseverance the race set before us....Hebrews 12:1 Well today I ran my first half marathon. It was up in Vancouver BC. I started training for it in January, I was determined run/walk it!! As training progressed and I had the privilege of running with some great partners (Sara, Melissa, Vonda....shout out) and I realized that not only would I be able to run it but I might even be able to get a decent time! So today my goal was to finish in under two hours and preferably under 1:55.
Karen and I headed out at at 5am, hit the border by about 5:20, got to the skytrain by about 5:55 and then to the race about 6:40. Karen's registration had gotten messed up to she headed off to see if she could figure it out. I got to the starting line just in time to hear the gun go off and it was off to the races!! went great!! The weather was awesome, the course beautiful....with the exception of a horrible hill!! Anyways, I finish at 1:49.06!! I was pretty excited! Unfortunately Karen wasn't able to get her registration figured out in time so the poor thing had to wait for me! She said she didn't mind and was even there with the camera at the finish line!!
On the skytrain back to the car!!
Just a little proof....although very unofficial!!
A good friend of mine gave me a magnet when I started training that said "life is not a sprint, it's a marathon" with this verse, Hebrews 12:1! I wrote it on my hand so that I would make sure that I remembered who allowed me to be able to run this race today and the race of life everyday!!