Saturday, November 20, 2010

My First (ONLY) Marathon

Been there done that, don't ever need to do it again! 9 months of training...100's of miles run. I feel very accomplished...not enough to want to do it again! But I am proud! Not the greatest weather day
Running running seemed like forever!!
Finished in 4 hours and 21 mins....Note that's the same as my number!
Un-key Steve, sporting one of my hats. I had a great support team!
My own personal Massage therapist...Thanks Jess!
The Amy's!
My piggy! He came with his Dad to watch Tanya run the half...but the bonus for me was that he was there at the finish to support me!
And and can't forget to thank Shane...she had to endure the 9months of long runs and soreness. He was very supportive, finding me at 7 different spots on the course. I could not have done this with out him!!

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Anonymous said...

You are my HERO!! Way to go. You look fab in all the photos. Looks like your next distance needs to be 30K in March 2010. (: