Saturday, November 20, 2010

Halloween '10

This was the year of..."Whatcha wanna be?"...."I don't know??" It went right up to the last minute...but we got'er figured out and the kids had a great night!
Jake as a giant Pepsi can, Taiji as a Zombie Football player, and Kali my little Princess Pirate!
After several stops to all the Grandparents and Friends...
We ended up at Steve and Bec's for her Haunted Nurse's Station! It was a hoot! I realize that I'm running out of years as my kids start to peel off and go with friends instead...but it was fun none the less.
NCCTK also did their 'tent and treat' the next night so we pulled out the reserve costume and braved the lines! Kal and I had a good time....I'm just glad Halloween only comes one time a year! ;)


Laurie said...

I'm officially caught up on your busy life! Whew! Football, dancing, cooking, running, vacationing, Halloweening all looks like a great time.

Glad the Van Dalen clan is still partying like rock stars. :)

michele said...

Fabulous costumes! What fun!!