Saturday, November 20, 2010

Football Season '10

In an effort to get caught up on the blog...I'm going to keep the writing to a minimum and get the pictures loaded up.
Truman playing varsity football this year for Lynden Christian. He had a great year. He worked very hard and it showed. The team didn't end up with a winning season...but I think that this year really developed a passion for Football. He can't wait for next year!! I didn't get a ton of pictures...He's #88 on the far side of the picture. Wide reciever and on defense, a defensive back.

Jake and Taiji had their first experience with School ball. They both went out for and made the 7th grade Football team. They had a fantastic year, going undefeated and Taiji had at least 5 TD's on the year.
Taiji was also the defensive Captain running all the plays in.
Jake's role had a little less glamour...he was the Center...his claim to fame however was that he got to touch the ball every play.
Couple more shots
Jake Playing a little defense
The boys

The team

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Anonymous said...

Loved the updates :>)
Two favorites--"Even a caveman can do it!!! " Buying that machine 30+ years ago has been such fun watching people use it "pricelss"

Looking at Hattie in your Amy and Jessie massage picture--there are quite a few captions, but--I would have put--- "Mom, are you really going to change her pants right here in front of everyone?"