Saturday, November 20, 2010

Canning some Salsa and bagging some Apple Sauce

We were happy to be graced with cousin LD's presence mid October. Soooo what did we do...we put him to work. On a fun and sunny Saturday afternoon, LD, Shane, mom and I canned 20 jars of Salsa and 20+ bags of Applesauce. It was a hoot. Lots of chopping, stirring and cooking. It was a success and a ton of fun! The official Choppers
The apple sauce queen.
A poser!!
We all channeled our inner 'buddy' and got it done!

So pretty!!
The poser with the salsa!! The salsa looks better! HAHA!!
The 30 year old contraption that makes apple sauce a breeze!
Even a cave man could do it! (or a pig)
Our beautiful mess!! What a great day!

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