Saturday, October 17, 2009

Palm Springs 2009

Last weekend Shane and I headed south to Palm Springs for a NYL council meeting. We were really looking forward to a little time away in the sun...but we were also really looking forward to catching up with our great friends, Rory and Mandy. If you follow the blog, we met them last year in Puerto Rico and had many fun....sometimes crazy adventures!! We were able to relax, golf, read and hang out with some great people!! Mandy and I at the NYL dinner
Group shot!
Enjoying sometime with my main man!
Good Friends+Good Wine=GREAT night!! sad!! I did figure it's not my is when I'm downloading, something happens and it gets weird! Oh really is a cute picture!!

This was the strangest cloud....we all commented on how it looked like a UFO!
Not our best self portrait...but we had fun!!
What the picture doesn't show is that the ball was 2 feet shy of the green and splashed in the water....but it was a beautiful hole!!
So sweet!! Rory and Mandy!
( have an unusually small head...wink wink
Oh Mandy...One of many self portraits! I just love this girl!!
What....Shane's on his phone, not surprising....but what in the heck am I doing?? We did have fish bowl size margarita's before coming here!
Just a bunch of innocent cutie pies!!
Did I mention the fish bowl size margarita??
They did manage to win two games after losing 3 in a row...again margaritas!!
Handsome little devils!!
It was a great trip and we can't wait until we meet again!!

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