Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kali's first day!!

My baby started Kindergarten this year! We chose to go with the full time class. It was the right decision!! She's in love with her teachers, her friends, the activities and her new best pal chuck chuck (aka Chestnut the class hamster) She was sooo excited! Up at the crack of dawn and all set and ready to go!!
The classic heading out the door shot...of course I had her go back in and through the house so we could get in the garage!! ;)
Posing for the first time in front of the school sign!
A shot with her new favorite Teacher Mrs. Thomas! She is fantastic! What a blessing to know that when Kali walks into the classroom she is loved and cared for!! Awesome!
No tears...she hugged me a few times a couple of kisses and blown kisses and she was off and running! I have to admit I got a touch teary on my walk back to the car...but it was raining, maybe it was rain! My baby is growing up!!


Laurie said...

Your baby is growing up! You both are adorable and I love Miss Kali's dress. I love it when little girls have better style than me. :)

Bemily said...

Wow! She looks so adorable! And trendy!! :) that picture of Truman driving the boys to school is so crazy!! Miss you and love you!